Saw II

Year: 2005
Directed By: Darren Lynn Bousman
Written By: Leigh Whannell and Darren Lynn Bousman


As far as I am concerned this movie is night and day different from the first. Not only is it an excellent sequel but it is a better movie than the first. It’s graphic and violent as befits a Saw movie but here the story starts to really get interesting. This movie offers more than shock and awe, it offers a mind twisting story that makes you want to keep going. I am not really a fan of this series, but I am a fan of this movie.

This movie managed to offer more than simply violence, it offered violence fused with intrigue, with mystery, and with revenge. There was more purpose to this film, or maybe it was just more captivating than the first. I believe a good sequel is a bigger and better version of the first. This movie fits the bill for that by simply being bigger and better than the first one.

In the first one I felt like it was a given that eventually one of those men were cutting off their leg. I don’t think the story was gripping at all. In the end of this one though when you realize that the events we have been watching in real time had long since past and been over, it’s mind blowing. When Donnie Wahlberg falls for that trap and you realize why it was laid for him it’s quite shocking. It’s more than shocking, it is inviting in the sense that you feel compelled to see the next movie.

The apprentice is now at work and that holds so many possibilities. I feel like this was what built the whole franchise into a series that stretched seven years. This movie gives you the saw crap that its audience demands. That poor girl dug through a pit of needles and that one girls stuck both of her arms into a modified Chinese finger trap thing for arms. That was violent and gory but it was so much more than that. This movie was smart. It was smart enough to fool the audience all the way up until the end and give us a real wow moment.

So I think this is a great sequel and one of the best simply for exceeding it’s predecessor so severely. I would have never given this franchise the time of day but this movie convinced me that it was worth my time. The first film did not.

As much as I am loathed to the idea of connecting these films will Halloween I’m saving the next two anyway. It’s no time of year to watch four Saw movies back to back and I’ve had my fill for the time being.

This is a terrific movie and if you haven’t seen it it is easily worth your time. It’s not for the tender-hearted but for a fan of a good mind blowing thriller this is a good one.

NEXT MOVIE: Schindler’s List (1993)


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