The Simpsons Movie

Year: 2007
Directed By: David Silverman
Written By: 15 credits from The Simpsons team including Matt Groening and James L. Brooks


I grew up watching this television show and for a long time collected the series on DVD. I think I have the first 13 or 14 seasons but somewhere along the way simply outgrew the show. I never imagined it would happen but somewhere in the year or so preceding this film I just lost interest in what Homer and his crew were up to. I did and do however love that they made this movie because it was something I had always hoped for. All throughout college I spent so many hours with this show and even though I don’t watch it now I still consider it something special to me.

There is really little beyond length, and nudity, that separates this movie from the television show. There is nothing wrong with that though, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The Simpsons have been making people laugh for twenty five years now and there is no end in sight. It’s incredible really and as my time of fandom has passed it’s really not something I have any business talking about these days. As for the movie I have little to say.

I like this movie and enjoy watching it, but it inspires nothing in me worth writing about. The Simpsons are as American as apple pie and that’s awesome. I think any fan should check this out and even if you’re not a fan it’s still a funny movie to sit down and enjoy. The Simpsons will typically only take a half hour of your time but this movie makes about three times that much worth it to watch.

NEXT MOVIE: Sin City (2005)


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