Television has really stepped up its game in the last few years;  So much so that my wife and I have found ourselves immersed in so many exhilarating series that we have neglected the massive movie collection sitting in the office. We are serious viewers, we are pros, snobs if you will.  We have a collection of over 500 movies and we bought each of them for a reason, there was something about each one that made it special enough to make it into the collection.  We have lost sight of what made those movies we bought special, lost somewhere in the awesomeness of breaking bad, true blood, the shield, and the like.  Join us as we journey back through our movie collection to remind ourselves what it was we loved about them.

We have a large collection of DVDs, and when I first began establishing it nearly ten years ago I immediately felt the need to arrange them in an order that would both help me keep up with them as well as make locating them easy.  I tried various ways of arranging them before I found the easiest way was just to simply put them in alphabetical order.  We will watch our films and post reviews based on when we come to them in the order they are arranged.  Films that are titled only numbers come first in chronological order.  When I began this arrangement I felt compelled to have the first movie on the rack be one I both loved and truly considered to be great.  Based on the order I had decided on this meant the first movie on the rack would be 8 Mile, this movie did not meet the qualifications.  So I decided to make Se7en the first DVD on the rack, and it will be the first of our movies that we watch and review.

Click here for a list of links to all the movies we have reviewed from our collection so far. Just click on the title to see and read any of our former posts.


We have been writing this blog for over two years now and I have never really taken the time to amend or update this page.  Over the past two years, and 200 something movies we have written about, I have tried to stay true to one overall theme with each closing.  Whether or not a movie is actually worth your time to see it.  I have spent my whole life watching movies. I love them, learn from them, and enjoy them.  I am older now and don’t have to the time to watch as many as I did in my youth.  With the ever present and growing responsibilities of adulthood I have to pick and choose what I can allot the kind of time it takes to watch some movies.  When I watch a movie that wasn’t worth my time now I’m not just disappointed but all out angry.  I am in no position to waste time with movies that weren’t worth it anymore and the message I try to get across with each review is whether or not a movie is actually worth your time to see it. I think most of the movies we own are worth your time or at the very least worth my time by being special to me in one fashion or another. When I come across a movie that was a complete waste I’m not necessarily trying to hate on it but simply trying to save you the same trouble I had by wasting my time.

The majority of the movies we review are all very important to me and many of them have had significant influences on me personally.  If you take the time to read any of them I am always interested in feedback and would love to hear your own thoughts on the film.

UPDATE 2: April 26th 2016

It has now been more than five years since we have been writing this blog. I suppose we is no longer so applicable as Amber threw in the towel a long time ago. Yet she still watches most of the movies we review with me and I will always consider this something both of us are part of.

When we first started this blog I estimated it would take us five years to complete. Obviously that was an overly optimistic estimation as after five years we still have about a third of the collection to go. The collection of course is always growing too which only makes it take longer.

The time it takes to complete this journey hardly matters and in fact I take solace in savoring the experience of writing this blog. I enjoy going back through these movies and putting my thoughts about them down in print. Sometimes I’m just wasting my time but not every movie invokes emotion or thought.

If you’ve stumbled across our blog then by all means stay a while and see what we think about plenty of titles. The List will take you to an alphabetized list of links to all of our current 375 reviews of movies within our personal collection.

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