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Potential Return of The Office

Going all the way back to the mid 2000s Amber and I have been avid fans of The Office. Watching every new episode all the way up till the ending in 2013. We have since binged the entire series multiple times on Netflix. It is literally our go to when there is nothing on and we find that we are still laughing in nearly every episode.

So when I recently heard that there was a possible comeback for the show we were both very interested. I read that the show is looking to return with a mix of old and new characters. I am intrigued, but I do have a few thoughts about this possible comeback.

First, I don’t think I can take the show seriously without the presence of Dwight. The show ended with Dwight finally becoming Regional Manager and I don’t think it would be practical for any continuation without him in that role. The article I read said that they were looking for someone who could fill the shoes of Steve Carell but I think that would be a horrible mistake. Avid fans like us know, Dwight would never leave Dunder Mifflin, and I think he is already the character they are looking for. It’s not like Rainn Wilson has anything else going for him so he would be perfect as one of the returning characters.

Obviously Jim and Pam are out and I don’t think either of those characters should be involved. It’s blasphemous to say so but I never liked the two of them as a couple. They were terrific as the friends who were actually in love but once they actually got together I thought they lacked the chemistry to be a believable couple. Jim was great and I loved his shenanigans with Dwight but his character moved on to bigger and better things and it simply wouldn’t make sense to bring him back.

Other characters who moved on at the end of the season include Darryl (Athlead), Andy(Cornell), Oscar(running for office), Stanley(retired), Creed(in hiding from the law), Toby(fired by Dwight) and Kevin(opened a bar after being fired). I didn’t mention Ryan or Kelly because they were gone long before the show ended and I don’t see a return from either as practical.

That leaves Angela, Erin, Phyllis, Meredith, Pete, and Clark. I actually really liked the new additions in later seasons of Pete and Clark so I would like them to return. It’s hard to imagine Ellie Kemper coming back but Erin became one of my favorite characters and I really hope she does. I hope the door isn’t closed for an Oscar return, maybe his running for office didn’t pan out and he returned to his old job. I’d also really like Kevin to be the barkeep that makes regular appearances at happy hour.

I don’t know what is in store for any new rendition of the show but I know quite a few people like Amber and I who continue to watch the show on a regular basis. If anything I would assume that because it’s streaming on Netflix that the show is actually much more popular now than it ever was while airing weekly. Just last week I found myself at a resort in Cabo San Lucas and walked around wearing a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt that got a lot more attention than I expected.

I would really be open to a continuation of the show as many shows are currently seeing some sort of revival and finding success. If they don’t pick up in some sort of fashion where they left off though I would be really disappointed. Dwight will be the indicator about whether or not I give any new version a chance. I think the show should really get back to the basics. When it was its strongest was in the first three seasons before they started upping the ante for more laughs with weirder and weirder plot lines.

It should be just like Seinfeld, a show about nothing that takes place in an office with characters that peak our interest and keep us laughing.  That’s exactly what it was in the first three seasons and that’s where it should pick up. With Dwight as the zany boss that drives everyone nuts and some fresh faces to go along with some of our beloved older ones.

What do you think about a potential return of the series? Would you like to see Dwight still in charge or should they go with a new Michaelesque character? Which characters would you like to see return? Let us know with a comment or a message.


George R.R. Martin’s Song of Anticipation and Disappointment


This is not for virgin eyes, if you are opposed to the fuck word or any other form of profanity then get the fuck out because I’m too pissed to be polite. 

I have been patient, I have been loyal, but now I am flat out flabbergasted….

For six goddamn years I have waited! I have read the first five books of The Song of Fire and Ice at least six times over those six years so the story would be fresh on my mind when the sixth book came out (what a foolish notion that has turned into). I even read that motherfucking history book about the seven kingdoms more than once and it read like a fucking textbook. With each re-reading my anticipation grew and my love for the narrative deepened.

I quit watching the show for good in season four and loudly hated on it as a watered down version of something better. I would wait for the next book and not get spoilers out of that sub par version. I would wait patiently for the countless mysteries put forth to be explained in true fashion and avoid finding out anything from the convoluted story that fit into HBO’s budget.

Some time ago, the show bypassed the books and started telling stories that should have remained secret. I have avoided the spoilers on the internet. Do you have any fucking clue how hard it is to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers on the fucking internet? How diligent and disciplined you have to be to sit and wait while the answers are practically screaming at you through your computer screen? It’s a fucking nightmare, with every new season of the show comes months of filtering through my internet feed to avoid what I don’t want to know.

I hear from everybody how great the show is but I hear the same thing about The Walking Dead and all those Dead Heads are wrong too. The written material is twice as good as anything put on screen and I won’t lower myself to the level of watching it. I am a reader and I take pride in it. Reading is more fulfilling and too many people are simply too lazy. I quit watching in season 4 because the story didn’t even make sense anymore. So much had been changed and cut out I didn’t understand how a non reader could even follow it.

So, I have sat and waited. I have bided my time and maintained discipline. I believed I would eventually be rewarded for all my waiting. I have waited since 2011, six years and counting. Everybody tried to tell me what I was missing out on but I tuned them out and I waited, like the good fan that I am, for the actual vision of the creator, Mr. George R.R. Martin, to become available when The Winds of Winter is published.

During this time of waiting I began to google a possible release date. For over two years I have searched Google every single day looking for an answer to when The Winds of Winter might be released. Just a casual search fit somewhere into my daily routine just in case news dropped. With each passing day, month, year it has always been the same… “maybe this year.” Well today ladies and gentlemen I got an actual answer to that search. After two years of waiting, searching, and getting nothing I finally saw an answer today.

July 2019….July 20 fucking 19!!!!!!!!! Here I was thinking the book could drop at any time and not only is it not coming out soon but it isn’t even reasonably close. That’s eight fucking years between books and there is still another to follow after that!

I don’t even know if I’ll be alive in July 2019! Will George R.R. Martin still be alive in July 2019??? Will you be alive in July 2019? That’s so far in the future who the fuck knows what will happen??? Stephen King will probably publish ten books within that time frame and a couple of them will match in length.

I am beside myself with disappointment, frustration, and more than anything absolute anger. Absolute anger doesn’t even cover it. I’m enraged as I imagine many of the other true fans are too. I don’t want to see all the floppy dicks on HBO to find out what happens to Jon Snow. Delightful as they are I don’t care to see Emilia Clarke’s tits over and over again to find out if Dany ever comes back to Westeros. I don’t want to see all the shortcuts and rewrites of something I love just to find out what happens next! I don’t want to stare blindly into my television at something that isn’t the way it is supposed to be but instead overcompensates with violence and sexuality.

This is something I have kept pure in my obsession with stories. I am not opposed to spoilers for generally everything else but Game of Thrones was something I wanted to find out for myself in a personal and private manner. I’ll never forget how it felt to read the Red Wedding for the first time. That shock and dismay that I thought I’d never move past only to find out that the excitement was just beginning.

I can’t get that feeling out of the show, it’s ruined for me by my intimate knowledge of the material having read these books so many times. All I can see when I watch the show is what’s wrong, and there is so much that is just wrong. I want the next book! How the fuck is it not going to be finished until 2019??? Eight years George R.R. Martin? You leave us with the Varys cliffhanger and then make us wait eight years to find out what follows?

That’s bullshit and I have had enough. All my patience and all my discipline have been for naught. I could just as well google the answer to every question I have now and know in seconds what they did on the show but it’ll never live up to what I’ve been waiting for. It won’t be as rich and as in depth as what I will find in the books but after six fucking years of patience I am fucking through.

You have shit on all of us George R.R. Martin! I will not wait another two years to find out what you have in mind because you don’t deserve me as a fan. I have argued on your behalf at great length with fervor but you have fucked me. I feel like an idiot right now because I had faith that you would finish the fucking book and prove all these amateurs to be nothing more than that.

Sorry fans of the show, I know you outnumber me dramatically, but I’ve seen beneath something that you’ve only seen the surface of. I know the story and characters inside and out in ways you can never understand. I have stood above you with a sense of pride as if I was somehow better having read the books but those books have now made a fool out of me. I’m not better, I’m not even in the know now thanks to HBO, George R.R. Martin, and my stubborn decision to stay loyal to the source.

Well that’s all over. I will not wait another two years for what may or may not ever happen. Hope George R.R. Martin is happy. I imagine that fat bastard swimming around a pool full of money like Scrooge McDuck and laughing at me. Sipping Mai Tais, making it rain, and not writing a fucking word.  I hear he gets touchy when asked if he will live long enough to finish the books. What’s really bothering him is if he will live long enough to spend all that cash that he has. Lazy fucking bastard that creates something awesome and sells it away before it is truly finished.

I’m throwing in the towel, giving up, and scrapping the last six years of waiting. Amber and I will soon be tuning in for the boobs and blood. Maybe I’ll forget all the reading and be mesmerized by the shock value the show whores out to people. People don’t want to take the time to read something magnificent, they just want to see the bloody highlights.

George R.R. Martin sold out a long time ago and I was too much of a fool to see the writing on the wall. Everybody told me so but I stubbornly resisted the notion. These amateurs couldn’t possibly be right about anything with all the garbage they’re swallowing with their eyes. Well, jokes on me! I don’t know now if the book is ever actually coming out but I know one thing for sure. I’m not waiting another two fucking years for it.

I guess what this all amounts to is eating crow. I was wrong, and as painful as it is to admit that, I’m here to admit my mistake. You motherfucking amateurs are right and I am nothing more than a foolish know it all who believed in something better. I may never believe in anything again because such a things proves time and time again to be foolhardy.

Thanks George R.R. Martin, you’ve robbed me not only of my time but of my ability to believe! I will wade into the water with the rest of the masses and drown myself in the watered down Game of Thrones. What sucks the most is that motherfucker will still get his in the end because by breaking and watching the show I am just lining his pocket more.

Final Thought: There is a small part of me that wants to cling to the hope that this is simply not true. A smoke screen. Disinformation so that the publication of the book carries the same shock value as the content. Sadly I think I might as easily wish on a star and expect to be taller tomorrow. It’ll be a while before I can start binging the show anyway….maybe Christmas miracles do happen. However, if it doesn’t happen I’m not waiting around until 2019. Brace yourself folks, I’m about to become a hypocrite.


Winter is Coming….for HBO


I started this post two years ago after watching my LAST episode of Game of Thrones. I was angry and disappointed then, but today I am furious!

First of all, I have not seen the season six premier and have no intention of doing so. I have not waited over five years for answers only to have the watered down HBO version of this story spoil all the secrets. I hope winter comes for HBO because what they have done is wrong. Their crappy version of this series isn’t something I can just not watch anymore but something I have to actively avoid altogether on the internet because I don’t want to know.

The book series is far and away superior to the story in the show but it can still spoil so many of the important plot points from the books. Of course based on what fans have told me I don’t even understand how the story makes any sense. The whole thing is so convoluted and screwed up I couldn’t stomach to watch it even if I wanted to.

Winds of Winter isn’t due out anytime soon, and unfortunately I can’t even search its release date anymore for fear of accidentally seeing  spoilers from the show. This is HBO’s fault and it makes me so angry. I knew this day would come and I wrote about it two years ago though never finished the post.

JUNE 3RD 2014

I really like that this show can still capture memorable scenes from the books in such terrific fashion.  Yes the trial by combat between the Red Viper and the Mountain was awesome.  Brutal scene that still makes this show worth watching but beyond that I am just an angry fan.  What are you doing HBO? Why have you rushed this story so severely? There is literally enough content in the books to make 10 seasons with no other problem than the aging of the actors.  It’s all been rushed though and so many story lines have advanced to a point where there is no where else to go.  The show has so quickly come up on what remaining material there is that I’m afraid HBO will spoil everything for those of us who have waited so patiently for the next book.  Winter is coming for you HBO.  A cold and harsh time when you either make things up to kill time or move ahead with unpublished story lines that will just ruin everything.  The HBO version of Game of Thrones might still be interesting for fans who haven’t read the books.  Other than the shocking scenes it offers I don’t get it because everything else seems too confusing and wrong to me.  This show is merely cliff notes to a larger and much richer story and I’ll be really upset if they spoil it in their minor version of something better.

There has already been too much made up to stretch out the story line and if that is the case I don’t understand why they have moved forward with so many others.  The episode when Jon leads the men back to Craster’s Keep was one example and another being Yara’s ridiculous effort to rescue her brother.  Both of these things really annoyed me but I get it.  You need something to fill the season and there are obvious points for elaboration.  What I don’t get is what was chosen to elaborate on.  So much of the story from the books is simply talked about and not written about first hand.  If a point of view character doesn’t witness it then they only hear about it and we as the reader find out what happened based on what they hear.  Why go back to Craster’s Keep when Wildlings have already scaled the wall and crossed over in force? What specifically annoyed me in that episode was the elaborate battle to take out ten guys.  Jon must have killed at least four himself so what is all the other fighting going on? Aside from that it was just foolish for Jon to be the one leading this expedition, even if it meant he would probably die. Jon is a steward, and the man in charge after the Old Bear dies specifically hates him. He would never be tasked for such an operation, and the Night’s Watch wouldn’t risk sending any men beyond the Wall after so many died at the Fist of the First Men. It annoys me to no extent because it is all just so wrong.

What was even worse was Yara’s rescue attempt. It just belittles the whole series when she just strolls into this castle as easy as pie and then escapes with no trouble. I get that they had to convey how far lost Theon was when he wouldn’t flee with her but I don’t even think that was the message they got across.  If you would like to know more about Theon and his troubles you should read this. The problems with his character go beyond that ridiculous episode though.  They have advanced his story well into what we see in the last book that was published so I don’t know what they will do with him after this season. It’s not until the fifth book that Roose Bolton even makes it back to the North and they have thrown that into the middle of other story lines from the third book.

Again on 4/25/16

I left the above as it was with small editing because I think some of the points are important.

There’s only one other thing I’d like to address. I have heard Game of Thrones is now the highest rated show in the networks history. That’s totally ridiculous even if I didn’t think this show sucked. This show is more True Blood than Boardwalk Empire. By which I mean that it is more lame than it is cool. Regardless how much shock and awe this show offers it simply doesn’t compare to some of the network’s other great shows such as Boardwalk, The Sopranos, or The Wire. 

Also, should anybody out there read this far and happen to have updates on the next book’s release leave me a comment and let me know. I can’t google it anymore thanks to HBO.

In closing, my thoughts about HBO currently keep going back to something Charlie Kelly once said. If given the opportunity I’d look HBO right in the eye and say “S you in your A’s and J all over your B’s.” I hope winter comes for this network and freezes off all its private parts.



The Walking Dead Mid Season Return


This year’s Hallmark holiday is a bit cooler because it features the return of the fan favorite Walking Dead series. Back before the official start of the Christmas season (as if weeks of subtle advertisement hadn’t subconsciously programmed us to spend money already) the show left off on a hell of a cliffhanger. With Rick and company goring up in bloody ponchos for a stroll through the zombie filled streets of Alexandria. Before the plan can even get under way the terrified son of Rick’s squeeze starts to draw attention right after stepping off the porch. This has left plenty with what must have been a tormenting wait of two months to see what will happen.

Well get ready, all hell is about to break loose. Not only is the horde walking through their home but they have a much bigger threat coming to pay a visit. I’m an obsessive reader of the comics and I am really excited about what is to come. What I regularly tell people about the show is that the good stuff hasn’t even started yet. The things that start unfolding this season will lead to some of the most exciting things the comic series has ever done. One of the most awesome bad guys of all time is about to be brought to life on screen and with him comes a conflict as exciting as any I have ever read or seen.

For the next couple of months we will hear an awful lot about Negan, but we will not see him until the season finale. I have had several people try to tell me he has already been on the show and we saw him in the mid season finale confronting Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. That is not Negan, and trust me, when you meet the guy you will know it and there will be no doubt about who he is, and hopefully how dangerous he is.

These next eight episodes should all be jammed pack with action and we should see a large number of regular cast members killed off. They are going to have to kill plenty of people because they will be introducing too many new ones to the show. Negan leads a band of baddies called the Saviors, and there regular victims come from a settlement called the Hilltop. There will be new characters in both of these groups and room will have to be made to accommodate them.  It’s hard to say who will and won’t die because of the differences between the show and the comic. For example, Andrea and Sophia are still alive in the comic but dead on the show. Carol has long since been dead in the comic and was never the badass she is on the show. So there is no way to know who or what will actually happen but some things are pretty certain.

There are certain characters you can trust will not die. Rick being the number one example because the story is about Rick. Carl, despite what most likely happens tonight, is also safe. He is Rick’s reason for living and carrying on. Carl is one of my favorite characters in the comic and when I tell people this they always give me a puzzled look. That’s Chandler Riggs fault, and I agree that he totally sucks on the show. He’s a poor adaptation of the badass child of the apocalypse but it’s not all his fault. He ages at a normal stage and is already too old for the part. Tonight he will most likely get shot in the head by that kid that has it out for him. In the comic when he and Rick are walking through the horde a wild bullet catches him in the eye. He survives but is permanently disfigured. Michonne is also safe because she’s too vital to the series. Beyond the three of them it’s a toss up. Maggie should be safe, Eugene should be safe, but after that I’d expect a free for all.

I think the first death will easily be the kid that’s crying in the horde, followed by his mother and possibly her other son. In the comic when the boy starts crying he gets attacked and Rick tells the mother to leave him, but she won’t. Once she is absorbed by the horde she refuses to let go of Carl’s hand and Rick does not hesitate in chopping off her hand and leaving her behind. The following day her handless corpse is walking the streets of Alexandria. Abraham sees her and gets rid of her before anybody can see what obviously happened. There were not two boys in the comic, in the show I imagine it unravels in a similar fashion while the older angry kid takes a shot at Carl during the commotion. I hope they have Rick cold hearted enough on the show to cut the hand off of the woman he’s widowed and bedded but I have doubts about it.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Daryl will be killed sometime in the next 8 episodes but I don’t know when or why. Daryl is an original character on the show but I feel like his presence holds back plenty of fan-favorite characters when they are introduced. He won’t be the end all be all death of the season finale and may survive till next year but I have a suspicion. I would really like to see Morgan swiftly dispatched because he is such a lame character. He was never the sudden bow staff ninja in the comic and I can’t stand the guy on the show. He was just a crazy guy Rick brought back from home and he hung around in the background until he died.

There should be a new character coming but I haven’t heard the first thing about casting for him so I have no clue what to expect. In the comic the first person Rick and company meet from another settlement is Jesus from the hilltop. His real name is Paul Monroe, he’s a homosexual, and he’s the Bruce Lee badass of the apocalypse. Jesus is a nickname given because of how he looks and it stuck. He ultimately becomes Rick’s top dog and right hand man in the coming conflict. His absence would really be unfortunate as he continues to be an intricate character in the series.

I’m probably wrong about most of this stuff but I don’t care. I like the show well enough but I only really watch it so I can join the conversation at work. More often than not I am alone in the world as I literally don’t know a single other reader. I encourage anybody that likes the show and wants more to simply pick up a compendium or a few volumes of the comic. It’ll be a much more exciting experience.

Negan on The Walking Dead


First of all, let me apologize to fans of the show who came looking for something about the recent casting news this week. Yes Negan has finally been cast on The Walking Dead TV series but I have little to no interest in that. I think Jeffery Dean Morgan can potentially be very good in the part but I have serious doubts that the show can really bring Negan to life in a fitting way. To put it bluntly the guy is just too R-rated for network television, even if AMC likes to raise the stakes as much as possible.

No, I’m just stoked to write about what happened in the most recent issue of The Walking Dead comic book. I have already written about Negan’s return to the series once and that proved to simply be wishful thinking. The cover of this past April’s issue was very misleading and I can only hope I am not getting my hopes up in vain for a second time.

In the issue released this week, #148, things have simply gotten too hot in Alexandria for Rick to keep under wraps. The people are mad and they are angry. Alexandrians are quickly getting to the point of taking on a mob mentality and destroying everything Rick and his people have worked so hard to build. As the issue comes to a close Rick realizes he cannot solve this problem on his own and the final page shows Rick descending into the basement prison to ask Negan for help. To which we only see a grin in response from Negan.

I think it was perfect because this is what Negan has been waiting for. For over two years now he has had to languish in a prison cell while the world went on without him. He had an opportunity to escape and chose not to in hopes it might actually convince Rick he could be trusted. It didn’t convince Rick of anything and Negan was again left in the dark. Yet everything is different now and this is what Negan has been waiting for. Nothing was ever going to change for Negan until Rick actually needed him for something and that moment has finally arrived!

I’m not going to get ahead of myself this time and spout off a lot of wishful thinking about what may or may not happen. The cover of the next issue certainly implies Negan is released and working together with Rick but I have learned the hard way that the covers can be deceiving now and again. Check out the cover of next months issue below.

I can only hope the coming issue is as awesome as this cover implies and it will needle at me every day until it’s release. I have become such a junkie for this series I literally feel like I am fiending already in anticipation over what might happen next. All I can really be sure of is that it will be awesome, because with this series I have learned to have no doubt. I think the show is ok but I am a bit of an ass when it comes to fans because I think the show is simply for amateurs.

All the time I am hearing “oooh is Glenn really dead?” or other currently random show specific topics. I can’t help but roll my eyes at such things. When I watch the show I am impressed now and again but more often than not I am looking over at Amber and making a vulgar gesture. So much unnecessary drama and pointless monologueing. Why does every damn character have to have a moment where they publicly profess their understanding of how the world is now? Blah blah blahbidy blah get over it people and check out where the action really is in black and white.

As to the eager question about Glenn everyone is so interested in I do not know. I have explained to people that if he is dead the show wasted what would have otherwise been a really magnanimous death at the hands of the new enemy coming to town. I have an idea about that though. If he is dead, which at this point he should be barring a ridiculous heartwarming effort from the show for his return, I think it means something very different. Negan was the one that killed Glenn in the comic, at random for no other reason than to make a point. Negan needed to make a splash as a character and did so by killing one of the series longest surviving characters. If Glenn doesn’t make it back then I think Negan kills Daryl in his place.

I like Daryl on the show but his presence makes it hard for the show to introduce new badasses from the comic. Like Abraham who is little more than a background character on the show. Rick doesn’t need a badass Abraham because he has Daryl. With Jesus due to make his appearance in the coming future it may be time for a dramatic and violent death for Daryl. Don’t know what the show is doing with Morgan but I can’t stand this sudden ninja warrior of the apocalypse.

Just an idea I’m throwing out there. I really got way off point because all I am truly interested in lies below with the possibilities lurking on the pages behind this scene. Negan is one of my favorite bad guys of all time if not the number one over all. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for him.


Fear The Walking Dead

I looked forward to this show for a long time after it was first announced. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic I naturally find the television adaptation of the series a bit disappointing. I still like the show but only when I consider it separate from the base material. The Walking Dead can get really slow at times and I explain to people all the time that they have to slow the series down with “filler” episodes in order to avoid catching up to the source of the story. The show is rapidly catching up to where the series is in current publication and I can’t see Robert Kirkman spoiling his series like George R.R. Martin has done for HBO with Game of Thrones. So if they catch up with the comics what are they to do but let this cash cow dwindle and earn only what they can get with syndication?

With this new original series I saw so much potential because it doesn’t have to slow down with filler episode. It isn’t limited to the base material like its big sister series is and there is nothing but budget to hold it back from being nonstop excitement. For example, in The Walking Dead if nothing else we can be certain that nothing will happen to either Rick or Carl, as far as their lives are concerned that is. Granted they surprised us all by killing off Andrea but she was a much different character than we see in the comics. Nevertheless this new series has the opportunity to do anything and surprise us in ways that the original couldn’t hope to do.

After watching the third episode of Fear The Walking Dead I still see plenty of potential but I am nevertheless disappointed above all else. To start, I think the show would take a big step in the right direction by immediately killing off the junkie son, the dad, and the mom. The sister is alright, the dad’s old family is cool, and obviously this new Latino character is going to be awesome but they should just ax the rest of them quickly. They are hopelessly unlikable characters that do more to annoy us as viewers than hold our interest.

Let’s start with the junkie son, played by Frank Dillane. I have a big problem with this guy because I specifically hate watching anything involving junkies. That aside, I think everything else just serves to harden that opinion. Why would anybody under the sun ever listen to a junkie during a crisis? The guy keeps saying things and almost stands as the leader among the small group occasionally. Why is this guy even allowed to talk at all? The guy is lucky he wasn’t strung out and in an alley when the shit started and eaten by a zombie. He has no business throwing his opinions around like he knows anything other than the addiction that guides his thinking. In a crisis situation, or any situation for that matter, a junkie is nothing more than a liability. What’s this guy doing when nobody is looking? Well he’s doing what junkies do, searching for his next fix. Whether he is searching desperately through a bathroom  for anything he can get his hands on or taking a screwdriver to his neighbors windows he is just not worth the trouble. This guy is a loser and I cannot stand him. When his mom protests him crushing up the Oxy pills, you know the ones she risked her life to steal for him, he looks at her and says “Whose the expert here?” That kid isn’t the expert, he’s the junkie trying to get there faster and he is not to be trusted. Maybe if they did what they should have done and fed him to the Asian zombie neighbor maybe she would have been preoccupied when her husband came home and not had to be shot in his arms with him completely unaware of what is going on. The guy can’t even make it through half an episode before begging for more in a really annoying scene that captures how pathetic this guy is. Come on AMC get rid of this loser character, or at the very least cut his lines by 75%.

The dad, played by Cliff Curtis, I just don’t really like. Can’t really put my finger on what it is specifically but he just rubs me the wrong way. He’s kind of rude at times and overextending at others. I could live with him though whereas I can’t stomach the junkie at all. The dad still has potential to evolve as a character but so far he seems hopelessly unprepared for both life and the situation at hand.

The enabling mother on the other hand, played by Kim Dickens,  I have no interest in seeing her character evolve. She just seems to always say and do the wrong thing. Whether she is stealing narcotics for her junkie son or simply suggesting a wildly out of place family board game while her neighbors across the street get murdered I just think she is ridiculous. If she so stupidly asks “what’s going on?” again I’ll be somewhere throwing my arms up in disgust.  In episode 2 when she is pleading with someone over the phone about how her some needs meds because he is in pain I wish the person on the other end of the phone would say, “mam, you’re son is a loser junky, tell him to grow some balls and kick the habit like a man.” It makes a lot more sense to just steal drugs and keep getting him high to avoid the inevitable. I really don’t like the mom or her son.

I really hate these characters but not all of them. I think the daughter wins by comparison simply by not being annoying like her family. The angry teenage son from the dad’s first marriage seems cool and I think he may have it more together than his father does. I also like his mother too, played by Elizabeth Rodriguez, because she exhibits strength and the potential to be a great character. The Latino barber, played by Ruben Blades, is obviously on his way to being a badass of the apocalypse but he has it right about his companions. They are weak and this show would be better off to weed them out sooner rather than later.

Despite my disappointments I still see enough to keep me interested and I think the show will develop into a fantastic series in time. I look forward to where it is going and I look forward to the next season of The Walking Dead that will come out next month. However, the only thing I simply can’t wait for is the next Walking Dead Wednesday when the new issue of the comic comes out. If you haven’t started reading what actually started this whole thing you are really missing out.

Sons of Anarchy Finale Prediction

First of all, I’d like to express how stoked I am to have seen the Sons of Anarchy/Shield crossover more or less come to a close. I had been hoping for something dramatic with Michael Chiklis in the show but I’ll take what they did. It was awesome to see him make an appearance in the show even if it was simply a small cameo.

I was blown away by the second to last episode and continue to be impressed with the closing of this show. Now that revenge has been had there is still one more episode to close everything out with. I think I know how the show is going to end and I just want to throw the prediction out there while we are all eagerly awaiting the last episode.

I think that it is pretty obvious Jax is losing his patch. Nothing was definitively conveyed to us as to what was said in the meeting of the Presidents but it seems pretty obvious Jax is out. He just hasn’t told his club yet as he still has matters that need dealing with. There is still Robocop to deal with. His betrayal is not one Jax is like to let slide and he will exact his revenge in the same fashion he has all through the show. He will kill the shit out of Barosky and then begin the steps of stepping down and turning himself into authorities. There is no where else to go for Jax and he has crimes to answer for. He will willing prepare to turn himself in but will never make it to prison.

I think in the final minutes of the show, when we have forgotten about the possibility of anything else happening, Jax will be killed by Chucky. Chucky will not understand or accept the killing of Gemma and when he finds out what happened he will kill Jax in revenge. Gemma is after all his “best friend” and he “loves her.” Chucky has gotten more screen time in this final season than any in the last several years. It was all to set this up as most of his dialogue this season has specifically conveyed his feelings for Gemma.  I love Chucky with his awkward conversations and hilarious prosthetic fingers. Mind you, he still has his trigger finger and that will be the digit he uses to dispatch Jax and close out the show.


For this series to end Jax has to die and I think that would be a great final scene to close it all out. I will miss this show. I do not know where I will turn for a gritty action driven crime series. Kurt Sutter should be proud of what he has created in this series and I hope he has another idea stashed away to blow us away with in years down the road.