abducted by aliens

Fire in the Sky

Year: 1993
Directed By: Robert Lieberman
Written By: Travis Walton (book) and Tracy Tormé


When I was a kid this movie scared me more than anything I had ever seen before. It came out when I was nine years old but I doubt I saw it till it was on TV when I was more like ten or eleven. I can’t remember much from that time of my life but I remember watching this movie, and I was aware that it was based on a true story.  I remember how much it scared me, and how it made me afraid to go outside at night because there seemed to be the possibility I would get sucked up into a spaceship by aliens. I have a very clear memory of having to go outside and feed the dog but hesitating.  I looked up at the sky and made sure it was all clear and then I ran.  I ran to the dog, fed it, and ran back to the house where I would be safe. Granted I was only a kid, but I do not know if there is any other time in my life that I have ever been so seriously afraid of something that I simply saw in a movie.

This is not the greatest movie I have ever seen and it isn’t even that good in truth, but it did scare the hell out of me once so it belongs in the collection.  It tells an interesting story that supposedly really happened and there are many people out there that really want to believe in it.  I do not know if Travis Walton was actually abducted by aliens or not and it is not for me to say.  If nothing else I think the possibility that it really happened is cool enough and it is a really fascinating story.  For the most part the movie tends to be boring and overly dramatic with lots of drama obviously added in to make the story more suited for film but it has a great climax that is creepy as hell. In fact I have no idea how I was even allowed to see this at such a young age, the only fifteen minutes that make this movie worthy are quite disturbing and effective.  In fact I even caught Amber nearly covering her eyes during the procedure administered by the aliens.

I generally tend to dismiss these kind of stories because of Occam’s razor (the simplest solution is probably the one that is right). While there are several interesting mysteries surrounding this account it is still unlikely that Walton was actually abducted. No matter how much we want to believe in a story like this there are still plenty of doubts and in the end there are just plenty of people out there seeking attention.  I think it is foolish to assume there isn’t other life out there in space so I believe there is at least the possibility that this story is true. Anything is possible, but that means little when it comes to these kinds of things. This movie has a lot of added in story for theatrical effect and I can see how that was necessary. They needed something to fill in the extra time around those fifteen minutes of intensity. Robert Patrick is the only notable actor in the movie and I have always been a fan of the T-1000.  This wasn’t a great role for him though because I think so many of his scenes are just so stupid.  There at the end, when he is bearded up and living alone and he and Travis go back to the abduction site, it’s just so stupid.  They had to do something to end the movie though, and it is scenes like that one that make this movie an overall poor film.

This is not a good movie but it is good for the fifteen minutes that have the potential to scare the hell out of you. That small portion of the movie may in fact give me nightmares tonight for all I know but those kinds of scares are part of what make movies exciting.  I will be following it with a comedy for good measure though.  This movie isn’t really worth your time, but you should see it anyway because it is a good story. See if you can withstand that fifteen minutes without feeling a bit scared.  Then try to imagine seeing it as a preteen and being asked to go outside, at night, to feed the dog. Try to imagine how scary that must have been.  I think that this movie is worth your time to see it at least once.


I had never seen this movie before we watched it for the blog. Overall I think it is a horrible film. It is very slow and not really action packed. Having said that, I do recommend watching the alien “interrogation” scene. I had to cover my eyes. It was extremely graphic and vile. I don’t really have anything left to say about the movie. I don’t really recommend it. Not worth the time and effort.

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