Axel Foley

Beverly Hills Cop II

Year: 1987
Directed By: Tony Scott
Written By: Danilo Bach


This movie fits the formula for a good sequel to an extent,  It’s a bigger version of the original but it’s not a better version.  I like the story, I love the giant hot blonde enforcer chick, and I think it’s a good movie.  I think Murphy was better in the first, and his performance is what fails to make this a better movie.  I liked the Axel Foley from the first movie better. That Axel lived on the edge of poverty, he is different in the sequel.  Not to mention how ridiculous and obvious he looks walking around L.A. wearing such a loud Lions jacket.  He should have worn a hat that said “hey I’m that cop from Detroit!”

Judge Reinhold, Ronny Cox, and John Ashton all returned to their respective roles and played them well.  I think Reinhold had a better role the second time around. Brigitte Nielsen is the giant hot blonde enforcer chick. I remember watching her as Red Sonja as a kid and think very fondly of her. There is also a good cameo from a really young Chris Rock and another from the ever annoying and occasionally funny Gilbert Godfrey.  This movie is fun and it’s worth watching but it is nothing special.


I watched this movie, but I can still only remember bits and pieces, and I’m not quite sure what it is about. Sure, Eddie Murphy is hilarious as always, but honestly his laugh with make me laugh every time. The big blond chick that Ryan mentioned, is a perfect symbol of the 80s. Her silver earrings are out of control and honestly, it is about the only thing that I remember about this movie. I say see the first one and if you want to watch the second one, but if you miss it then it’s not a big deal. You aren’t really missing out on anything special.

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Beverly Hills Cop

Year: 1984
Directed By: Martin Brest
Written By: Danilo Bach


This is a movie that has been emulated so many times over the years we get tired of the theme.  What’s important is that this was once a good idea, and it was this movie that did it for the first time. Originally Sylvester Stallone was set to star in this film, can you imagine how different of a film that would have been.  He apparently took some of the story ideas from the script and made it into the movie Cobra, a film long since forgotten. I might be wrong but I think there was some dispute over what kind of orange juice would be supplied to Stallone’s trailer on the set and he dropped out before filming started.  Maybe there is a lack of variety in the Detroit orange juice market, they are very far north.  It was all for the better though because this movie then became Eddie Murphy’s platform to become a superstar.

This movie serves as one of many examples to show us how funny Eddie Murphy was capable of being.  He has had such an up and down career. I have always been disappointed with Murphy’s recreated family man image because let’s be honest, Axel Foley died when Eddie Murphy became Dr. Doolittle.  I guess that’s the kind of thing you have to do to continue your career when you are caught by the cops with a tranny hooker.  I remember this hilarious skit SNL did making fun of Murphy after that incident.  No wonder he has never joined the show for any reunions.

Beverly Hills Cop is a great movie that is definitely worth your time.  Eddie Murphy is really funny and he is surrounded by a good cast.  Judge Reinhold is nothing special in this movie, but I like him alot and wish his career could have lasted past the 80s. All Breaking Bad  fans need to see this movie to catch a very young Jonathon Banks playing a very similar role over 25 years before the show started.  Ronny Cox is great, as he was in most of his films in this era.  He really came into his own in his later years

All in all this is a great movie and alot of fun.  The jokes are funny, the music is catchy, and the action is satisfying.  Great cop action comedy film that I would recommend to anybody.  Not for you kids, but any adult should enjoy it.


This is a fun movie. I am really sorry, I know that my posts are usually short and concise already, but this one is going to be even shorter. I do like this film, but it is one of those old cheesy movies that everyone has seen. I love Eddie Murphy in it. He is absolutely hilarious, and even though this was probably the millionth time we watched it, I still found myself laughing. If you haven’t seen this one, honestly I don’t know where you have been  the past 26 years, but you should definitely watch it. It’s a classic.

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