Burt Ward

Batman (1966)

Year: 1966
Directed By: Leslie H. Martinson
Written By: Lorenzo Semple Jr


Watching this movie you can see that being a successful crime fighter is all in the preparation.  Some might laugh at the guy who packs Shark Repellent Bat Spray when he goes into the field, but it comes in handy when you are hanging from the Bat Ladder with a shark attached to your leg. You have to be ready, you never know when your enemies  will fill a shark with dynamite and send it after you. As Batman said himself, “Some people hold nothing sacred.” What I love most about Adam West as Batman is that he is just a guy in a suit.  He isn’t muscular or even vaguely athletic, just a middle-aged guy dressed up in a costume with a utility belt that carries everything. At one point Burt Ward, as Robin, yells “Holy Long John Silver Batman!”, not to mention we own the Holy Special Edition Batman edition of the film.  This movie uses great adjectives during the fight scenes including “Ka-Pow” and “Ker-Sploosh.”  To think that people didn’t take comic book films seriously for so long is just puzzling right?

Nevertheless this movie is awesome.  It is absolutely out of control on all kinds of different levels but that’s what makes it great.  If you haven’t seen this movie then you probably don’t really get many of the jokes on Family Guy.  Amber and I used to watch this movie in college and laugh the whole time, I’m sure you would enjoy it just as much. Amber is out-of-town and can’t review this movie.  It’s not really a serious film and I just wanted to get it out-of-the-way.  After all, it is the first of six Batman films.  That being all live action Batman movies with the exception of the mega failure Batman & Robin (1997). 

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