chevy chase

Orange County

Year: 2002
Directed By: Jake Kasdan
Written By: Mike White


Here is another movie that simply doesn’t belong.  I fell victim to the easy deals offered by Amazon Prime and ordered it at a really cheap price.  I remembered that I didn’t like it when it came out but thought it was worth a second chance.  I remembered thinking this movie meant something, that it had to be important because of all the people involved but despite myself I just didn’t like it.

This movie gave me every reason to think that young Colin Hanks was on the way to following in his father’s footsteps and on the way to being the next big actor.  Tom Hanks had yet to start slowing down in his career and his son was a spitting image of him in this movie full of famous comedians.  This movie wasn’t much of a hit but I thought it represented more to come from Colin Hanks.  After 12 years though I feel safe in saying that was a completely false assumption. Hanks has been part of some great things over the years, most recently the stellar first season of Fargo on FX, but he has never risen anywhere close to his father’s level.

This movie co-starred Jack Black who was largely up and coming at the time and it sported cameos from many big players.  Making brief appearances in this movie were the likes of Chevy Chase, Harold Ramis, John Lithgow, Ben Stiller, Kevin Kline, Lily Tomlin, and Leslie Mann.  I thought all those names meant this was significant.  I thought it meant that this movie was better than it actually was but I was wrong.  Having watched it again for the blog I just can’t help feeling the exact same way I felt when I watched it at 18.

This movie has a laugh here and there but it’s not a good movie.  I won’t go as far as to say it’s not worth your time to see but you could undoubtedly find something better to do with your time when faced with options.

NEXT MOVIE: The Other Sister (1999)

Hot Tub Time Machine

Year: 2010
Directed By:Steve Pink
Written By: John Heald, Sean Anders, and John Morris


I remember seeing the advertisement for this movie and thinking I had never heard of something so stupid.  Hadn’t time travel story lines already been played out? A hot tub, really? It all seemed too stupid to me and I just wasn’t interested.  I don’t really know what prompted us to sit down and watch the movie, but we did.  I was so surprised when I thought it was awesome. It’s a silly movie, but silly movies can sometimes turn around a bad day when they really are funny.

This movie doesn’t have a cast that pops out at me.  I have never been a fan of John Cusack and Rob Corddry had yet to impress me in anything.  Clark Duke has been making somewhat of a rise lately but I only see him as a poor man’s Jonah Hill. I was a fan of The Office when it was still funny and liked Craig Robinson’s role quite a bit.  He seems to get aggressively fatter with each new season of the show though and I haven’t been such a big fan since he hosted the last season of Last Comic StandingI had never watched the show before and thought it was really funny but Robinson specifically was horrible in the role of host.  He seemed completely unnatural at it and I felt NBC was reaching and grasping at straws when they cast him.  I do like Robinson but he isn’t enough to get me interested in a movie cast alongside other actors I’m not interested in. Chevy Chase has a small cameo in this movie and while Chase had his day I am always telling people how much he sucks now.  Crispin Glover has a really funny part in the movie as a guy we know will lose his arm and it’s only a matter of time before some accident takes it.  Lizzy Caplan is also in the movie and I think she is so smoking hot.  I had never noticed her until she was so aggressively naked in the first season of True BloodI think she looks better naked than almost any other actress I have ever seen.  If this movie has any major downfall it’s that she is in it and not naked because it is a crime to cover her amazing body.

I am always pleased to be surprised when watching something new and this movie surprised me as much as any comedy has in a while.  I think the movie is really funny despite all the cliches and typical story lines.  The movie has a great soundtrack.  I specifically like the scene where Craig Robinson sings the Black Eyed Peas song and I love the ending with “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Lue.

There isn’t much more to say about this movie.  It’s just silly enough to be acceptable and it is a really funny movie.  I love a movie that will curb an ill mood and this one does that for me nearly every time.  I think that it is more than worth your time and I would recommend it to anyone.


So many people think this is the dumbest movie that they have ever seen. OF COURSE IT IS. That was the point. Do you think that the writer and director of this movie took it seriously? Or did they look at it like: this movie is so super cheezy that we can do almost anything? I like to think that they knew how crazy and stupid of an idea this movie made and went with it. I think it worked. I do come from the creative world, so I can just imagine these people sitting around coming up with ideas for this movie and it makes me laugh. I love this movie and all its absurdness.

See, even the poster is awesomesauce. The typography is big and bold and leaves you thinking, “What the fuck is this movie about, that sounds like the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” OH, and look they used the hot tub as the O. Clever. And last by not least, they have the awesome web address as

NEXT MOVIE: House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Community on NBC

Recently news hit the internet that Community was renewed for a fourth season and I was really happy about it. Although it was only renewed for 13 episodes it was still better than the show getting cancelled.  Sadly from there all the news has been downhill, and now I fear that the show will not only not make it past season four but will probably lose the creative ideas that make it so great.  Community is one of my favorite shows ever, but I can understand why some people don’t get it.  It is a really out the box show with an incredibly different format altogether.  It plays off popular media in a way that really speaks to a generation like mine that grew up completely immersed in that popular media.  The show is so clever and so funny, but I’m afraid it looks like everything is going to change, and not for the better.

Following the news that the show was renewed came the announcement that it would be moved to a different day and time slot.  This should have been terrific news because throughout the show’s entire existence it has had to share a time slot with The Big Bang Theoryone of the most popular shows on television.  The ratings suffer because so many people are tuned into Big Bang, but that shouldn’t be a reflection of the Community’s value.  However, what should have been good news suddenly looked bad when the new day and time turned out to be Fridays at 8:00 or 8:30.  That time slot is the end of any show, nobody is watching television on a Friday night and it ends up being where the networks stick what nobody cares about.  They might as well have cancelled the show if they weren’t going to give it anymore of a chance than that.  Nevertheless 13 episodes was still something to get excited about when the show had been facing cancellation.  Unfortunately the news went on to get even worse from there.

Dan Harmon has been removed as the show front runner; he was fired by the studio.  The creator and main writer of the show, the most important person to the making of the show was let go.  This is the worst news that could have come because how can they possibly continue the show without him? It is his imagination and wit that make the show so great and removing him will make everything about the show different.  I don’t know why this decision was made but I know it was a mistake.  I have heard about several problems between Harmon and Chevy Chase but I can’t believe that is what led to this.  For all I care they could get rid of Chevy Chase and the show will probably be better.  Everything I hear him say about the show is bad and that is a horrible way to conduct yourself in representation of your main employment. Chevy Chase brings little to the show and it is the other characters that really shine.  All he gives the show is a recognizable name that many people remember fondly but those memories faded for me a long time ago.  Chase made some great movies in his day, but he has done little but piss people off and suck for something like the last twenty years.  Comedy Central roasted Chevy Chase once, and I read that people were so nasty to him that they decided to never re-air the episode.  From everything I have read about Chevy Chase he is not well liked within the Hollywood community and if he did in fact have something to do with Harmon getting fired then I will like him even less.

Community is one of the most creative shows I have ever seen and I look forward to it every week.  It is the best show on a night that used to be good for NBC.  However, The Office really sucks now and I haven’t liked Parks and Recreation since they added Rob Lowe to the cast.  If you have never watched Community I would encourage you to start at the beginning and watch the show grow.  That’s the best way to get into it and appreciate how funny it really is.  If you take that chance try to cherish what you have there, because that is probably as good as it’s going to get.  I will still watch the show when it returns but I have very low expectations in the wake of this troubling news.  NBC has made a horrible horrible mistake and I am really disappointed by all of these developments.


Year: 1980
Directed By: Harold Ramis
Written By: Brian Doyle-Murray, Harold Ramis, and Douglas Kenney


A great classic comedy.  A good example of how well improvisation can work when you get a group of funny people together and they start having fun.  This movie is a sports classic and an iconic comedy.  After more than 30 years since coming out it’s hard for me to imagine anybody who hasn’t seen this movie. Like most great classics it is a timeless film that can be enjoyed by any generation.

I have always been a big fan of Harold Ramis, both on camera and behind it as well, he has had a hand in many great comedy classics.  Ramis is a writer/director who occasionally ventures out into the movies, most notably Stripes and Ghostbusters, both classic films.  He has great chemistry with Bill Murray, who I have always heard was somewhat difficult to work with.  He is a very strange person with a wild sense of humor but that is what makes him funny.  Bill Murray’s brother Brian Doyle-Murray wrote this film based on personal experience and actually played a part in the film as Lou the caddyshack manager.  I have always been a fan of Doyle-Murray too.  He has had a long and steady career of small roles, some men are great in those small roles and manage to pop up everywhere.  Doyle-Murray was one of those guys for a long time.  Chevy Chase was ultra cool and on the rise when this film came out.  I have heard that he too is hard to work with yet doesn’t have the same caliber of talent as Murray so Chase’s career suffers for it.  He is however part of the cast for my favorite comedy currently on television.  Chase currently plays Pierce Hawthorne on NBC’s Community which is one of the best shows I have ever seen, it is the smartest comedy on television.  Yet Chevy Chase has little to do with what makes Community a great show, he isn’t as funny in his winter years as he was here in Caddyshack. I have never been a Rodney Dangerfield fan but I do like him in this film. He does also play a part in my number 1 all time favorite film, which will remain a mystery until we get to it.

There are also other noteworthy people who should be mentioned such as Ted Knight and Michael O’Keefe.  The roles of Dangerfield and Chase were actually originally going to simply be cameos but things changed as the movie was being made.  There is a great documentary about the making of this film but it pretty much boiled down to anarchy. There was a lot of disorientation and disorganization on set but somehow they made a classic film out of it all.  Like I said before, this is a timeless film that will live on forever, you don’t need me to vouch for it because everybody in their right mind has already seen it and is vouch for it themselves.


This movie is such a classic. I still don’t really like it all that much, but I appreciate it for what it is. I understand why people like it and hold it up so high. Every time that I watch it though, I am less impressed with it. I say watch it because it is a classic, to have it as a notch in your movie belt.

NEXT MOVIE: Casablanca (1942)

Movies Not To Watch

Time gets funny the older you get, the joke is that is doesn’t last as long.  Time is special, once you’ve had it long enough it starts to elude you quicker.  Suddenly great chunks of it have passed and you have barely noticed.  Personally, I try to make the most of my time. I recognize the fact that it has started moving faster and I want to squeeze every drop of life and excitement out of it as I go along.  Movies, Television, Entertainment, they take up a large amount of our time.  I decided to create this section purely to discourage you, to try to help you avoid wasting your time on something not worth it.  When I finish a long movie that sucks now I’m no longer disappointed, I’m angry! I can’t get those hours back and I could have used them for something that was worth it.  If I can discourage you from wasting your time on the crap I wasted mine on, then I feel I am helping society, I am helping you, recognizing that your time is valuable.

Caddyshack II

For movie buffs this one is typically a given, it’s a well known awful movie and I’ve regularly heard it mentioned as one of the worst ever.  I mention this first because I actually wasted about 40 minutes on it today, and I knew that it was bad, I knew its reputation but I tried it out anyway. A series of events led to a situation where I had the opportunity to acquire it for free, and given I had never seen it I figured “what the hell.” I tried it to see if it was as bad as everyone said it was, I can report now honestly that it is, I couldn’t even stand to finish it.

I don’t really know what the producers were thinking and I’m surprised Harold Ramis allowed his name to be connected to the film. Chevy Chase I can understand, dumb decision but I get it.  Dan Akroyd never really made great decisions about what to be involved in either.  Randy Quaid Jesus Christ don’t get me started.  I can see how they thought it could work but once Rodney Dangerfield said no they should have moved on.  They decided to go ahead anyway and this became a piece of crap, a waste of anyone’s time.