Community renewed for a fourth season

Community on NBC

Recently news hit the internet that Community was renewed for a fourth season and I was really happy about it. Although it was only renewed for 13 episodes it was still better than the show getting cancelled.  Sadly from there all the news has been downhill, and now I fear that the show will not only not make it past season four but will probably lose the creative ideas that make it so great.  Community is one of my favorite shows ever, but I can understand why some people don’t get it.  It is a really out the box show with an incredibly different format altogether.  It plays off popular media in a way that really speaks to a generation like mine that grew up completely immersed in that popular media.  The show is so clever and so funny, but I’m afraid it looks like everything is going to change, and not for the better.

Following the news that the show was renewed came the announcement that it would be moved to a different day and time slot.  This should have been terrific news because throughout the show’s entire existence it has had to share a time slot with The Big Bang Theoryone of the most popular shows on television.  The ratings suffer because so many people are tuned into Big Bang, but that shouldn’t be a reflection of the Community’s value.  However, what should have been good news suddenly looked bad when the new day and time turned out to be Fridays at 8:00 or 8:30.  That time slot is the end of any show, nobody is watching television on a Friday night and it ends up being where the networks stick what nobody cares about.  They might as well have cancelled the show if they weren’t going to give it anymore of a chance than that.  Nevertheless 13 episodes was still something to get excited about when the show had been facing cancellation.  Unfortunately the news went on to get even worse from there.

Dan Harmon has been removed as the show front runner; he was fired by the studio.  The creator and main writer of the show, the most important person to the making of the show was let go.  This is the worst news that could have come because how can they possibly continue the show without him? It is his imagination and wit that make the show so great and removing him will make everything about the show different.  I don’t know why this decision was made but I know it was a mistake.  I have heard about several problems between Harmon and Chevy Chase but I can’t believe that is what led to this.  For all I care they could get rid of Chevy Chase and the show will probably be better.  Everything I hear him say about the show is bad and that is a horrible way to conduct yourself in representation of your main employment. Chevy Chase brings little to the show and it is the other characters that really shine.  All he gives the show is a recognizable name that many people remember fondly but those memories faded for me a long time ago.  Chase made some great movies in his day, but he has done little but piss people off and suck for something like the last twenty years.  Comedy Central roasted Chevy Chase once, and I read that people were so nasty to him that they decided to never re-air the episode.  From everything I have read about Chevy Chase he is not well liked within the Hollywood community and if he did in fact have something to do with Harmon getting fired then I will like him even less.

Community is one of the most creative shows I have ever seen and I look forward to it every week.  It is the best show on a night that used to be good for NBC.  However, The Office really sucks now and I haven’t liked Parks and Recreation since they added Rob Lowe to the cast.  If you have never watched Community I would encourage you to start at the beginning and watch the show grow.  That’s the best way to get into it and appreciate how funny it really is.  If you take that chance try to cherish what you have there, because that is probably as good as it’s going to get.  I will still watch the show when it returns but I have very low expectations in the wake of this troubling news.  NBC has made a horrible horrible mistake and I am really disappointed by all of these developments.