Crispin Glover

Hot Tub Time Machine

Year: 2010
Directed By:Steve Pink
Written By: John Heald, Sean Anders, and John Morris


I remember seeing the advertisement for this movie and thinking I had never heard of something so stupid.  Hadn’t time travel story lines already been played out? A hot tub, really? It all seemed too stupid to me and I just wasn’t interested.  I don’t really know what prompted us to sit down and watch the movie, but we did.  I was so surprised when I thought it was awesome. It’s a silly movie, but silly movies can sometimes turn around a bad day when they really are funny.

This movie doesn’t have a cast that pops out at me.  I have never been a fan of John Cusack and Rob Corddry had yet to impress me in anything.  Clark Duke has been making somewhat of a rise lately but I only see him as a poor man’s Jonah Hill. I was a fan of The Office when it was still funny and liked Craig Robinson’s role quite a bit.  He seems to get aggressively fatter with each new season of the show though and I haven’t been such a big fan since he hosted the last season of Last Comic StandingI had never watched the show before and thought it was really funny but Robinson specifically was horrible in the role of host.  He seemed completely unnatural at it and I felt NBC was reaching and grasping at straws when they cast him.  I do like Robinson but he isn’t enough to get me interested in a movie cast alongside other actors I’m not interested in. Chevy Chase has a small cameo in this movie and while Chase had his day I am always telling people how much he sucks now.  Crispin Glover has a really funny part in the movie as a guy we know will lose his arm and it’s only a matter of time before some accident takes it.  Lizzy Caplan is also in the movie and I think she is so smoking hot.  I had never noticed her until she was so aggressively naked in the first season of True BloodI think she looks better naked than almost any other actress I have ever seen.  If this movie has any major downfall it’s that she is in it and not naked because it is a crime to cover her amazing body.

I am always pleased to be surprised when watching something new and this movie surprised me as much as any comedy has in a while.  I think the movie is really funny despite all the cliches and typical story lines.  The movie has a great soundtrack.  I specifically like the scene where Craig Robinson sings the Black Eyed Peas song and I love the ending with “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Lue.

There isn’t much more to say about this movie.  It’s just silly enough to be acceptable and it is a really funny movie.  I love a movie that will curb an ill mood and this one does that for me nearly every time.  I think that it is more than worth your time and I would recommend it to anyone.


So many people think this is the dumbest movie that they have ever seen. OF COURSE IT IS. That was the point. Do you think that the writer and director of this movie took it seriously? Or did they look at it like: this movie is so super cheezy that we can do almost anything? I like to think that they knew how crazy and stupid of an idea this movie made and went with it. I think it worked. I do come from the creative world, so I can just imagine these people sitting around coming up with ideas for this movie and it makes me laugh. I love this movie and all its absurdness.

See, even the poster is awesomesauce. The typography is big and bold and leaves you thinking, “What the fuck is this movie about, that sounds like the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” OH, and look they used the hot tub as the O. Clever. And last by not least, they have the awesome web address as

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Back to the Future

Year: 1985
Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
Written By: Robert Zemeckis


This film is the very definition of classic film.  It was a really cool idea and everybody loved it.  It was immensely popular when it came out, so much so that it was even quoted by Ronald Reagan in his 1986 State of the Union Address.  More recently it was actually used in a parody done by James Franco and Anne Hathaway during the 83rd Academy Awards show, so I would stay the film remains popular even until today.  I have also recently seen the film referenced in both NBC’s Community and The Office as well. The movie was well made, well performed, and will probably remain popular for another 25 years.  Let us all hope that nobody makes the mistake of trying to remake this film, too many classic 80s films are being remade lately.  When these classic movie are remade successfully the originals are ruined for the younger generations.  For example, what’s today’s 13 year old kid going to think of Ralph Macchio’s Karate Kid after seeing Jaden Smith’s version? I haven’t seen the remake and I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, in fact I heard great things about it. I think that the remake was made at a faster pace to suit today’s faster paced lifestyle, but it will inevitably make the original seem slow and boring. I think the remake’s success destroys the original movie to an extent, it makes it much harder to live on in the future.

Back to the Future was directed and written by Robert Zemeckis, with Steven Spielberg serving as Executive Producer.  Michael J Fox made his break through into movies with this role, and it was his best, more than anything else he is remembered for playing Marty McFly.  Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson play his parents who he runs into as teenagers in 1955.  Christopher Lloyd also gives the performance of his career in this movie, and he is fantastic as Doc Brown. When I was a kid I thought the skateboarding scene in 1955 was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I loved this movie then as I do now, it’s such a simple story yet so original. Time Travel is an idea that always works well in movies and especially comedies.  People love seeing people out of place in different time periods, it is a popular comedy scenario.

While it may be disappointing that 25 years later we still have no time travelling DeLoreans, in fact almost nobody at all has DeLoreans and haven’t in as much time. In fact we have none of the ideas that this franchise proposed we would see in the future i.e. hover boards, flying car, flux capacitors.  Science has never been my strongest subject but occasionally I read some theories.  As I understand it the whole concept of time is merely an illusion, I can’t explain it, but it’s something I’ve picked up along the way. Long story short time travel isn’t possible because time doesn’t actually exist, but I could be really wrong about this.  Nevertheless time travel makes for a good story and Back to the Future is an awesome movie about it.  This movie is a classic all the way and it is worth your time to see it.


This movie always takes me back to my dad. He is the one I first watched it with and it was his idea. Which is saying something since he doesn’t watch a lot of movies. I love this movie and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love the actors in the film, I love the story and overall I just love this movie. I never get tired of watching it. It is sad to me that so many people younger than myself has never and will never see it. I think it is a tragedy. They probably wouldn’t get the humor anyway, but still this film is one that I think everyone should see. How else would you get “Great Scott!” and “McFlllllyyyyy.”

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