Doris Roberts gets high in a movie

Grandma’s Boy

Year: 2006
Directed By: Nicholaus Goossen
Written By: Barry Wernick, Allen Covert, & Nick Swardson


There was a time when I did find this movie really funny but I have outgrown it to an extent. When I watch it now I see sloppy storytelling and bad acting, but it does have its moments here and there. Truth be told this movie has always been more to Amber’s taste than mine.  It’s not my favorite of our collection by any stretch but it does have its moments.

This movie was made by Happy Madison Productions, the company owned by Adam Sandler, obviously.  I have always thought that Happy Madison (and I think this film backs up my opinion) was made up of idiot potheads that have been given too much money.  This movie is funny but it is more stupid than anything else at times.  I think that is what you get with both Adam Sandler and his production company.  I think this film shows that Allen Covert is not really cut out for a leading role.  I like Covert, but clearly no film should center on him. I think Nick Swardson is really funny in this one.  Doris Roberts is great as “Grandma.” This film was made during a window when she was trying to maximize the opportunities provided by the success of Everybody Loves RaymondYou can see a very young Jonah Hill playing a supporting role in this movie.  Oh how his career has blossomed, it’s always funny to look back at where he started. Jonah Hill is a fantastic actor and I look forward to everything he does in the future. I think Peter Dante is awful in everything he is in, and that he should kiss the feet of Adam Sandler every time he sees him. In this film he plays the weed guy, go figure, who is so cleverly named, “Dante.” I suspect they gave the character that name so as not to confuse Peter Dante and save time while shooting. Kevin Nealon is in this one though and I have always liked him, some people are just naturally funny, even when they are overdoing it.

I think that if you are young, and really stoned, you should check this movie out cause it’s right up your alley.  Otherwise don’t waste your time with this one.  I have admitted that there are plenty of funny things going on here, but by and large this is overwhelmingly just dumb.  Again, that’s Adam Sandler in a nutshell folks.


In some ways, I agree with Ryan. In college, this was one of my all time favorite movies. Again, I am a mother now, so I can’t talk about what I may and may not have done in college that may have added to the hilarity of this film. There are still some really funny moments in this movie. Instead of going on about I am going to go out in true Amber fashion and give you some of my favorite quotes.

“My Grandma drank all my pot.”

“Adios turd nuggets!”

“Wow J.P, that is a great outfit. How much do clothes cost in The Matrix?”

“Your shit’s weak! Wizzeak!”

” Whoa, chill bro… You know you can’t raise your voice like that when the lion’s here.”

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