game of thrones sucks

Winter is Coming….for HBO


I started this post two years ago after watching my LAST episode of Game of Thrones. I was angry and disappointed then, but today I am furious!

First of all, I have not seen the season six premier and have no intention of doing so. I have not waited over five years for answers only to have the watered down HBO version of this story spoil all the secrets. I hope winter comes for HBO because what they have done is wrong. Their crappy version of this series isn’t something I can just not watch anymore but something I have to actively avoid altogether on the internet because I don’t want to know.

The book series is far and away superior to the story in the show but it can still spoil so many of the important plot points from the books. Of course based on what fans have told me I don’t even understand how the story makes any sense. The whole thing is so convoluted and screwed up I couldn’t stomach to watch it even if I wanted to.

Winds of Winter isn’t due out anytime soon, and unfortunately I can’t even search its release date anymore for fear of accidentally seeing  spoilers from the show. This is HBO’s fault and it makes me so angry. I knew this day would come and I wrote about it two years ago though never finished the post.

JUNE 3RD 2014

I really like that this show can still capture memorable scenes from the books in such terrific fashion.  Yes the trial by combat between the Red Viper and the Mountain was awesome.  Brutal scene that still makes this show worth watching but beyond that I am just an angry fan.  What are you doing HBO? Why have you rushed this story so severely? There is literally enough content in the books to make 10 seasons with no other problem than the aging of the actors.  It’s all been rushed though and so many story lines have advanced to a point where there is no where else to go.  The show has so quickly come up on what remaining material there is that I’m afraid HBO will spoil everything for those of us who have waited so patiently for the next book.  Winter is coming for you HBO.  A cold and harsh time when you either make things up to kill time or move ahead with unpublished story lines that will just ruin everything.  The HBO version of Game of Thrones might still be interesting for fans who haven’t read the books.  Other than the shocking scenes it offers I don’t get it because everything else seems too confusing and wrong to me.  This show is merely cliff notes to a larger and much richer story and I’ll be really upset if they spoil it in their minor version of something better.

There has already been too much made up to stretch out the story line and if that is the case I don’t understand why they have moved forward with so many others.  The episode when Jon leads the men back to Craster’s Keep was one example and another being Yara’s ridiculous effort to rescue her brother.  Both of these things really annoyed me but I get it.  You need something to fill the season and there are obvious points for elaboration.  What I don’t get is what was chosen to elaborate on.  So much of the story from the books is simply talked about and not written about first hand.  If a point of view character doesn’t witness it then they only hear about it and we as the reader find out what happened based on what they hear.  Why go back to Craster’s Keep when Wildlings have already scaled the wall and crossed over in force? What specifically annoyed me in that episode was the elaborate battle to take out ten guys.  Jon must have killed at least four himself so what is all the other fighting going on? Aside from that it was just foolish for Jon to be the one leading this expedition, even if it meant he would probably die. Jon is a steward, and the man in charge after the Old Bear dies specifically hates him. He would never be tasked for such an operation, and the Night’s Watch wouldn’t risk sending any men beyond the Wall after so many died at the Fist of the First Men. It annoys me to no extent because it is all just so wrong.

What was even worse was Yara’s rescue attempt. It just belittles the whole series when she just strolls into this castle as easy as pie and then escapes with no trouble. I get that they had to convey how far lost Theon was when he wouldn’t flee with her but I don’t even think that was the message they got across.  If you would like to know more about Theon and his troubles you should read this. The problems with his character go beyond that ridiculous episode though.  They have advanced his story well into what we see in the last book that was published so I don’t know what they will do with him after this season. It’s not until the fifth book that Roose Bolton even makes it back to the North and they have thrown that into the middle of other story lines from the third book.

Again on 4/25/16

I left the above as it was with small editing because I think some of the points are important.

There’s only one other thing I’d like to address. I have heard Game of Thrones is now the highest rated show in the networks history. That’s totally ridiculous even if I didn’t think this show sucked. This show is more True Blood than Boardwalk Empire. By which I mean that it is more lame than it is cool. Regardless how much shock and awe this show offers it simply doesn’t compare to some of the network’s other great shows such as Boardwalk, The Sopranos, or The Wire. 

Also, should anybody out there read this far and happen to have updates on the next book’s release leave me a comment and let me know. I can’t google it anymore thanks to HBO.

In closing, my thoughts about HBO currently keep going back to something Charlie Kelly once said. If given the opportunity I’d look HBO right in the eye and say “S you in your A’s and J all over your B’s.” I hope winter comes for this network and freezes off all its private parts.