Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s Song of Anticipation and Disappointment


This is not for virgin eyes, if you are opposed to the fuck word or any other form of profanity then get the fuck out because I’m too pissed to be polite. 

I have been patient, I have been loyal, but now I am flat out flabbergasted….

For six goddamn years I have waited! I have read the first five books of The Song of Fire and Ice at least six times over those six years so the story would be fresh on my mind when the sixth book came out (what a foolish notion that has turned into). I even read that motherfucking history book about the seven kingdoms more than once and it read like a fucking textbook. With each re-reading my anticipation grew and my love for the narrative deepened.

I quit watching the show for good in season four and loudly hated on it as a watered down version of something better. I would wait for the next book and not get spoilers out of that sub par version. I would wait patiently for the countless mysteries put forth to be explained in true fashion and avoid finding out anything from the convoluted story that fit into HBO’s budget.

Some time ago, the show bypassed the books and started telling stories that should have remained secret. I have avoided the spoilers on the internet. Do you have any fucking clue how hard it is to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers on the fucking internet? How diligent and disciplined you have to be to sit and wait while the answers are practically screaming at you through your computer screen? It’s a fucking nightmare, with every new season of the show comes months of filtering through my internet feed to avoid what I don’t want to know.

I hear from everybody how great the show is but I hear the same thing about The Walking Dead and all those Dead Heads are wrong too. The written material is twice as good as anything put on screen and I won’t lower myself to the level of watching it. I am a reader and I take pride in it. Reading is more fulfilling and too many people are simply too lazy. I quit watching in season 4 because the story didn’t even make sense anymore. So much had been changed and cut out I didn’t understand how a non reader could even follow it.

So, I have sat and waited. I have bided my time and maintained discipline. I believed I would eventually be rewarded for all my waiting. I have waited since 2011, six years and counting. Everybody tried to tell me what I was missing out on but I tuned them out and I waited, like the good fan that I am, for the actual vision of the creator, Mr. George R.R. Martin, to become available when The Winds of Winter is published.

During this time of waiting I began to google a possible release date. For over two years I have searched Google every single day looking for an answer to when The Winds of Winter might be released. Just a casual search fit somewhere into my daily routine just in case news dropped. With each passing day, month, year it has always been the same… “maybe this year.” Well today ladies and gentlemen I got an actual answer to that search. After two years of waiting, searching, and getting nothing I finally saw an answer today.

July 2019….July 20 fucking 19!!!!!!!!! Here I was thinking the book could drop at any time and not only is it not coming out soon but it isn’t even reasonably close. That’s eight fucking years between books and there is still another to follow after that!

I don’t even know if I’ll be alive in July 2019! Will George R.R. Martin still be alive in July 2019??? Will you be alive in July 2019? That’s so far in the future who the fuck knows what will happen??? Stephen King will probably publish ten books within that time frame and a couple of them will match in length.

I am beside myself with disappointment, frustration, and more than anything absolute anger. Absolute anger doesn’t even cover it. I’m enraged as I imagine many of the other true fans are too. I don’t want to see all the floppy dicks on HBO to find out what happens to Jon Snow. Delightful as they are I don’t care to see Emilia Clarke’s tits over and over again to find out if Dany ever comes back to Westeros. I don’t want to see all the shortcuts and rewrites of something I love just to find out what happens next! I don’t want to stare blindly into my television at something that isn’t the way it is supposed to be but instead overcompensates with violence and sexuality.

This is something I have kept pure in my obsession with stories. I am not opposed to spoilers for generally everything else but Game of Thrones was something I wanted to find out for myself in a personal and private manner. I’ll never forget how it felt to read the Red Wedding for the first time. That shock and dismay that I thought I’d never move past only to find out that the excitement was just beginning.

I can’t get that feeling out of the show, it’s ruined for me by my intimate knowledge of the material having read these books so many times. All I can see when I watch the show is what’s wrong, and there is so much that is just wrong. I want the next book! How the fuck is it not going to be finished until 2019??? Eight years George R.R. Martin? You leave us with the Varys cliffhanger and then make us wait eight years to find out what follows?

That’s bullshit and I have had enough. All my patience and all my discipline have been for naught. I could just as well google the answer to every question I have now and know in seconds what they did on the show but it’ll never live up to what I’ve been waiting for. It won’t be as rich and as in depth as what I will find in the books but after six fucking years of patience I am fucking through.

You have shit on all of us George R.R. Martin! I will not wait another two years to find out what you have in mind because you don’t deserve me as a fan. I have argued on your behalf at great length with fervor but you have fucked me. I feel like an idiot right now because I had faith that you would finish the fucking book and prove all these amateurs to be nothing more than that.

Sorry fans of the show, I know you outnumber me dramatically, but I’ve seen beneath something that you’ve only seen the surface of. I know the story and characters inside and out in ways you can never understand. I have stood above you with a sense of pride as if I was somehow better having read the books but those books have now made a fool out of me. I’m not better, I’m not even in the know now thanks to HBO, George R.R. Martin, and my stubborn decision to stay loyal to the source.

Well that’s all over. I will not wait another two years for what may or may not ever happen. Hope George R.R. Martin is happy. I imagine that fat bastard swimming around a pool full of money like Scrooge McDuck and laughing at me. Sipping Mai Tais, making it rain, and not writing a fucking word.  I hear he gets touchy when asked if he will live long enough to finish the books. What’s really bothering him is if he will live long enough to spend all that cash that he has. Lazy fucking bastard that creates something awesome and sells it away before it is truly finished.

I’m throwing in the towel, giving up, and scrapping the last six years of waiting. Amber and I will soon be tuning in for the boobs and blood. Maybe I’ll forget all the reading and be mesmerized by the shock value the show whores out to people. People don’t want to take the time to read something magnificent, they just want to see the bloody highlights.

George R.R. Martin sold out a long time ago and I was too much of a fool to see the writing on the wall. Everybody told me so but I stubbornly resisted the notion. These amateurs couldn’t possibly be right about anything with all the garbage they’re swallowing with their eyes. Well, jokes on me! I don’t know now if the book is ever actually coming out but I know one thing for sure. I’m not waiting another two fucking years for it.

I guess what this all amounts to is eating crow. I was wrong, and as painful as it is to admit that, I’m here to admit my mistake. You motherfucking amateurs are right and I am nothing more than a foolish know it all who believed in something better. I may never believe in anything again because such a things proves time and time again to be foolhardy.

Thanks George R.R. Martin, you’ve robbed me not only of my time but of my ability to believe! I will wade into the water with the rest of the masses and drown myself in the watered down Game of Thrones. What sucks the most is that motherfucker will still get his in the end because by breaking and watching the show I am just lining his pocket more.

Final Thought: There is a small part of me that wants to cling to the hope that this is simply not true. A smoke screen. Disinformation so that the publication of the book carries the same shock value as the content. Sadly I think I might as easily wish on a star and expect to be taller tomorrow. It’ll be a while before I can start binging the show anyway….maybe Christmas miracles do happen. However, if it doesn’t happen I’m not waiting around until 2019. Brace yourself folks, I’m about to become a hypocrite.


White Walkers Making White Babies

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Well this was certainly an interesting episode for readers of the book because it’s all so fresh and new.  This was bound to happen because the show has really been advancing too quickly.  If they didn’t find new things to do they would be at a standstill on several story lines come season’s end. What people who only read the books should understand is that there is only so much material to go on for the show.  They are rapidly catching up to a point where there is simply nowhere else to go unless they start superseding George R. R. Martin.  That would be a horrible mistake because they show is simply cliff notes to a much larger and better story.  For the show to go ahead of the books and spoil what is to come would be the worst thing that could happen to those of us readers who have been sooooo patient in waiting for the next installment.

I went over all of that simply to say; nearly everything in last night’s episode was not from the written material.  Nowhere in the books do the men of the Night’s Watch go back to Craster’s Keep.  Bran and his posse never come across them either. This is I suppose an easy place to add in new material and maybe it is something Martin has envisioned eventually happening.  In order to avoid spoilers I won’t say why but I find this option highly unlikely.  The story advances too far past the point where anybody going back to Craster’s would make little sense.

There is also nothing in the book that suggests what the White Walker’s do with the sons left to them by Craster.  It is easily possible that they are taking them and turning them into new White Walkers but nowhere in the books is this suggested or talked about.  In fact, in 6,000 pages of the series there are very few appearances by the White Walkers.  They are mainly just talked about and only seen in the very beginning and a few times in the third book.  They attack the Black Brothers camped out at the Fist of the First men and Sam manages to kill one by accident when he and Gilly are attacked but other than that there is nothing.  It has been said that the next book will take us farther North than we have ever been before so there is a lot of thought that we will learn more about White Walkers then.  One of the largest theories by readers too is that eventually that legendary horn will be blown that shatters the wall and White Walkers will storm the lands of Westeros in force.  That’s just a theory but does seem the most obvious thing the books have been building to.  This will probably correlate with Dany’s return her homeland on the back of a dragon that can burn the frozen spawns back into dust.

I am more interested in the next book than anything the show will be doing because the books are better.  However, the obsessive addiction these books create is eased to some extent by watching the show although nothing is the way it should be.  The show does plenty of great things so I still do enjoy it from time to time and I look forward to seeing what else might happen.

Game of Thrones Season 4

Thoughts during the first episode of the season.

The pain of seeing Ice melted down runs deep.  There is really no end to how hard the Starks get slapped in the face. There is always hope for them as Arya, Sansa, and Rickon are all still capable of doing something.  There is also Benjen Stark, whose fate remains a mystery even to readers.  Jon Snow as well offers hope and I still want to see him eventually become Jon Stark. Bran is still out there too but his ability to do anything will be limited to how much he can influence the others.  So, while times certainly seem incredibly DIRE (pun intended) for the Starks don’t worry because there are still plenty of possibilities for them. They get stepped on real hard by their enemies, and the salt is far from being finished pouring into all the wounds created by the Red Wedding.

The arrival of the Red Viper of Dorne is really cool.  Prince Oberyn is a badass.  He is a dangerous man capable of anything. In the book he arrives at Kings Landing with the party and Tyrion has a lengthy discussion with him as he is led to the palace.  I suppose the show needed more to introduce him.  He is a wildly sexual character and HBO wouldn’t miss a perfectly good opportunity to infuse more sex and nudity into the show.  Prince Oberyn has nine bastard daughters known as the Sand Snakes and each of them are as dangerous as he is.  Keep in mind this guy’s twin sister was the Princess Elia who was married to Rhaegar.  The one who was raped and murdered by the Mountain during the siege of King’s Landing.  That will certainly be covered before this episode is over.  It doesn’t sit well with him and he comes looking for justice. He is a new player entering this game and he unbalances the entire board.  He poses problems for the Lannisters because he is a deadly enemy who has reason to have it out for them.

Did they recast Daario Naharis? I feel like too much recasting has already gone on in this show but oh well.  I’m not a big fan of the Daario character anyway so it doesn’t really matter.  Kudos to the new actor, he no doubt gets plenty of acting time with a naked Emilia Clarke during shooting. The guy who was playing the part should have read the books.  No doubt if he knew what was coming for his character we would be seeing him on screen tonight.

The Thens! or however it is spelled.  The people from the far North who follow a Magnar.  At first I thought they were the giants, they are really cool looking.  I think they have been merged with another peoples from the far North.  The people of Skagos are cannibals but I don’t remember hearing anything about the Thens eating people.  Skagos is widely where Rickon is believed to be by the way.

Joffrey is such a little shit. It has never been more satisfying to hate a character.  The statue of him standing over a dire wolf was a nice touch.  I feel bad for the kid playing the part.  With the popularity of this show being what it is people will always remember him as the biggest douche in the world.

I’m glad to see Sir Dontos brought back into the show.  I can’t remember what they did in season three but I specifically remember being mad that Sir Dontos wasn’t involved with something to do with Sansa.  This bumbling fool is the perfectly deployed and manipulated pawn of a large player in the Game of Thrones.  Quite possibly the greatest player in fact because he is the one who has created all of his power out of nothing. Stop now if you don’t want to see a major spoiler but Sir Dontos works for Littlefinger.

The Hound is one of my favorite characters, I feel he has been under utilized on the show to an extent but this should finally be a chance to see him in action. Glad to see that he and Arya didn’t disappoint. I figured I would be writing a sentence about how that fight scene was more dramatic in the book but I don’t think I can.  It was really awesome and a great way to cap off the first episode of season 4.  This has been a great episode and I look forward to what else this season has to offer.

Just a note, I’m publishing this without editing so excuse any typos.






Joffrey and Sansa

Prepare for spoilers; turn back now if you don’t want to know. 

Joffrey and Sansa

One of the biggest questions coming out of last night’s episode was regarding the future of Sansa.  She has now been officially married to Tyrion but still finds herself at the mercy of Joffrey.  He is the King and as he is so fond of pointing out the King can do as he likes.  Joffrey does threaten to rape Sansa and the possibility does loom for quite some time but fortunately it does not happen.  It might have but luckily Joffrey doesn’t live long enough to make good on his threats.  Tyrion and Sansa will never consummate their marriage.  Tyrion does have the desire to do so but will not force himself on the unwilling child.  It becomes another tool for ridiculing him and until he is imprisoned for Joffrey’s death he has to shoulder the shame of not bedding his bride.

Melisandre and Gendry

The spell that Melisandre works for Stannis is more than effective; it seems there is real power in King’s blood. In the book it is not Gendry who is used but another bastard of Robert’s.  Gendry to this point still has no idea who his father was and every time you think he is about to find out he doesn’t.  He is currently still a member of the Brotherhood and working his trade making them weapons.  When Melisandre leeches Robert’s bastard they work the spell and each of the usurpers in turn dies a sudden and surprising death.  King Balon falls from a wooden bridge in his castle, lots of speculation around that death.  Joffrey is poisoned at his own wedding by the Queen of Thorns and possibly his new wife while Tyrion takes the fall. King Robb has a bloody and unfortunate death at the treacherous Red Wedding when the Freys kill him, his mother, and many many Northmen.  Of course these deaths will mean absolutely nothing for Stannis in the scheme of things.  Three Kings fall but new ones rise in each place and Stannis is no closer to achieving his goal of winning the Seven Kingdoms.

The Hound and Arya

The Hound is indeed taking Arya back to her family but they will never see each other.  They arrive during the Red Wedding but before they can enter the castle the slaughter has already started. I would like to say that I think the guy playing The Hound is really good and I like him a lot.  The only problem is he is way too nice.  The Hound is a good guy but not a nice guy.  He barely speaks to Arya at all in the book and he doesn’t tell her about saving Sansa.  Such a thing would be beneath The Hound.  Yeah he may have saved Sansa from rape before but he wouldn’t waste his breath telling Arya in an effort to achieve sympathy or compassion from her.  He doesn’t care what Ayra thinks about him and wouldn’t make any effort at all to make himself likeable.  He has spent his whole life being hated and he bears a scar people cringe away from.  He is used to being despised and prefers to be so.  I think he does have a fondness for Arya but he would never lower himself to trying to gain her respect through words.  His actions speak volumes and despite everything he does for her he is such a hateful man that she would reciprocate the feelings.

Theon Greyjoy


UPDATE: See my newest post on Game of Thrones here.

We have had a surge of traffic since I wrote about who was torturing Theon and why.  So I thought I would offer a bit of elaboration to the answer.  It’s simple really; Theon is the most hated person in the Realm north of the neck.  He is a traitor to the cause he fought for, a despised son of his own people, and as far as anyone in the Realm knows he is the evil bastard that murdered the Stark boys in cold blood.  Theon has had a sad and unfortunate life that he has only made worse by a bunch of bold decisions that blew up in his face.

I have always pitied Theon as a character.  Yes he absolutely deserves everything that happens to him but he had reasons for everything he did.  Theon was sent to the Starks as a hostage at a very young age.  As he grew up in the North he was raised differently than he would have been on the Iron Islands.  He is treated well but is always an outsider with no real place in the household he lived in. He may have referred to Lord Eddard as his real father on the show but this is never the case in the book. Eddard was always well aware of the fact he might have to threaten to kill Theon in order to keep his father in line and was generally cold to the boy.  Robb was the only one who showed any interest in him and the two became very close friends.  When Robb sent Theon as an envoy to his father he made a grave mistake.  Theon was loyal to Robb, but at the same time had a sense of longing for acceptance from his father. His father wasn’t accepting of him though. When he arrived his father simply saw a soft and foolish boy who had different values and customs from his own.  When acceptance was so clearly unavailable to him he became desperate to achieve it and did things in order to gain his father’s respect.  He thought he would be a hero to his people by capturing Winterfell but they had not told him to do so and left him on his own when he got there. He deliberately disobeyed his father with his actions and that was frowned upon, all he did was create more trouble for them. When he captured Winterfell the people who had known him his whole life turned on him.  He was the enemy as soon as he climbed over the walls and when he took the castle he was suddenly surrounded by hostiles with limited men to keep them in order.  Bad things happened; women were raped, sacrifices were made to the Drowned God, and men were killed in the taking of the castle. The people of Winterfell became increasingly hostile and Theon felt the heat and pressure of the decision he had made. When he faked the death of Bran and Rickon he put a target on his back for every person in the castle and the entire North for that matter.

What isn’t part of the show at all is the fact that the Bastard of Bolton was his prisoner at the time in the guise of Reek. He had been captured by Sir Rodrik and was in the dungeons awaiting Robb’s justice.  Theon freed him and allowed him to enter his service because he was already short of men. Reek/Ramsey Snow was the one who put the idea of killing the miller boys in Theon’s head and he knows the Stark children are still alive but he is the only one that does.  When Theon’s sister leaves him hanging, “Reek” offers to gather up some men for him if he is released.  Theon lets him go without knowing who he really is and the Bastard of Bolton comes back with his father’s full garrison.  He destroys the unsuspecting northern army outside of Winterfell who think they are coming to aid the siege.  When the battle is done Theon again makes a bad decision and lets them into the castle where they promptly sack Winterfell and burn it to the ground.  Theon is taken prisoner and we don’t hear about him again till book five and by then things have gone very badly for him. What Theon didn’t know was that the Boltons had already changed sides and all he did was give them an opportunity to destroy the strong hold of their new enemies.

The Bolton’s are the evil men of the North.  Their sigil is a flayed man and their ancestors were known to skin their enemies and wear their skins as cloaks.  These are practices that have been outlawed but are still rumored to go on.  Roose Bolton is a very evil man but he is much more deceptive and cunning than his bastard son.  Ramsey has a brutality and immaturity to match the evilness that runs through his veins.  He likes to capture women and hunt them for sport.  He just enjoys the sport of torture and mind games.  After he captures Theon he subjects him to the worst he is capable of.  He lets him escape a few times just to give him hope and then punishes him severely every time he catches him.  He knocks out or breaks all of his teeth, he flays then cuts off several fingers and toes, and he cuts off “that other thing” which Theon can’t bring himself to mention directly but it is implied that his manhood was removed.  When the Bastard flays Theon’s fingers the pain is so bad that Theon will beg him to remove the digit.  A couple of times he takes it upon himself to simply bite the digit off but he is punished severely for doing so.

Theon is presumed dead by his own people but even if they knew he was alive they wouldn’t lift a finger to help him.  There is a power struggle coming to the Iron Islands and Theon would only complicate matters by being alive.  Nobody wants him there and he is the rightful heir. If he had managed to escape Winterfell and return to his home he probably would have been killed by one of his uncles seeking to supplant his place as heir.  Asha (Yara) might help him but she doesn’t have the means to do so and might not even if she did.  She sees Theon as a foolish boy who spent too much time in the greenlands and doesn’t have what it takes to lead the Iron Born.

In the North Theon is now Theon Turncloak, he is literally the most hated man of the region and every single citizen wants his head on a spike. The Bastard knows this and knows that literally no one will care what happens to him.  He is also free to do whatever he wants because the King is unable to get back to the North and there is no authority there after the fall of Winterfell. Theon will not get away from the Bastard of Bolton and after a while he doesn’t even want to.  He becomes so tormented and manipulated that he develops a case of Stockholm syndrome and wants nothing more than to simply not be hurt anymore than necessary.  He becomes the Bastard’s dog and is even allowed to sleep with his dogs if he is very good.

I don’t know what the show will continue to do with Theon but we are probably in for more torture scenes as they drag this storyline out.  There really isn’t anywhere for the story line to go unless they change everything dramatically and it seems too late for that. There is much to happen before Theon is ever allowed out of the dungeons and I’m interested to see how they keep things up until then.

This is a rushed post and admittedly not my best but I hope this answers some of the questions so many are asking right now.  If I have missed anything feel free to leave a comment and ask questions.

The Bear and The Maiden Fair

Warning, spoilers are all through this post. Read at your own risk. 

There are so many questions set out in this episode. First of all, if you want to know about who is torturing Theon then read this. The answer is no different.  If you would like to know why then formulate your own theories.  There is much to be discussed about the psychological issues going on with the Bastard of Bolton.  He is evil, pure unadulterated evil that simply takes pleasure in hurting others.  Theon is a hated character and a prized victim that fell into his lap and he can literally do whatever he wants with him. It’s as simple as that, the guy gets off on hurting the lordling that nobody would bother to ransom. He will keep torturing Theon for no other reason than he just enjoys hurting people and he can hurt Theon as much as he wants with no one to stop him.

Robb’s Baby

This part of the show really bothers me. If nothing else the one this that is really important in this story and series is tradition and nobility.  Robb broke his vows but he would NEVER have done it with a commoner from Valaryia. Such things are just not done in the world of Fire and Ice.  In the books he does break his vow to House Frey by bedding and then marrying a western woman of Noble birth.  She and Robb are truly in love but do not conceive a child.  Later we find out that her mother was in cahoots with Tywin Lannister the whole time and giving her daughter “moon tea” in the guise of a fertility potion.  For those of you who don’t know, “moon tea” is the morning after pill for the ladies of Westros. So Robb never conceives a child in the book and has no true heir to follow him.  I do not know what the show is intending to do with this pregnancy and will be interested to see where it goes.

Sansa and Tyrion

This is being drawn out much more than it ever was in the books.  In the book Sansa had no idea she was being wed to Tyrion until she was ushered down the aisle in what she suddenly realized was a wedding gown.  Tyrion was always kind to Sansa but she was much too guarded to ever trust him.  It is a shame as Tyrion is one of the only truly real good guys in this story and she is simply a naive and silly girl. Their marriage will be a very unhappy one in which Tyrion cannot bring himself to bed this unwilling child and Sansa’s nightmare of a life keeps getting worse.

The Hound Capturing Arya

For all this guy’s flaws he is a sucker for all Stark women.  He was hopelessly in love and obsessed with Sansa Stark long before he crossed paths with Arya, and I think the opportunity was just too good to pass up for him. In Arya I think he sees a kindred spirit that he develops a strange sort of respect for.  Despite the impression he gives off, the Hound is a true and honest person. He is rough and angry at the world but he has a strange sense of honor that few ever recognize in him. He did many evil things but simply in the service of an evil lord. He is loyal to a fault and you can’t hold that against him. The Hound will take Arya and in attempt to get himself in the good graces of the Wolf King. It will be a fruitless measure as the downfall of the King of the North will coincide with his efforts.  It will be interesting to see where the show takes Arya from there.

Game of Thrones

There are several potential spoilers in this post so read at your own risk.

I am a huge fan of this series.  I began by watching season one of the show on HBO a couple years ago and then picked up the first book one day.  About 6000 pages later I have been more than a bit obsessive as a reader.  I own all the books on audio tape and over time have listen to each one of them in turn at least three times a piece.  I love these books and this epic world of never ending conflict.  There is so much to be learned from it and I do in fact think I have learned quite a few things from this series.  Having said all that I must say watching the show has now become very difficult.  There is just no possible way for the show to live up to expectations from a reader’s point of view.  Season one was pretty good but the story was so much smaller back then.  When they reached Clash of Kings in season 2 the story expanded so much that the show seemed too askew to me.  The story was simply too large and too epic to fit within the time frame or budget restraints of a network television show.

I have liked parts of season three here and there.  I’ll admit that the depiction of Daeynerys sacking the city of Astopor was one of the coolest things I have ever seen in any TV show.  Each episode this year I will admit has offered a scene or two that I think was incredible and enjoy the opportunity of being able to see.  When writing about the series I don’t really know which direction to go.  At this point in the series there are so many open story lines that there is a chance to offer elaboration to so much. To start with I want to begin with Theon.  First of all, we don’t really find out what is going on with Theon until book five and by then he is barely Theon at all.  In fact, when you find out what is going on with him he is Reek, “Reek, Reek, it rhymes with weak”. Reek is the product of the Bastard of Bolton, Ramsey Snow/Bolton. Ramsey tortures Theon until there is absolutely nothing left of him, he isn’t even a shadow of himself and is actually more like a dog that just does what you tell it.  He takes several of his fingers and toes, knocks most of his teeth out, and cuts off “that other thing,” presumably his manhood.

Ramsey’s father, Lord Roose Bolton is actually involved in a scheme that will unfortunately bring an end to the story line of our young wolf king.   I took it hard when reading the books because Robb was without doubt my favorite and the next in line after Eddard who I initially thought to be the greatest because he was played so brilliantly by Sean Bean. Unfortunately the story progresses so far that you reach a point where Eddard and Robb Stark don’t even matter anymore and there is little left of their name in the midst of the conflict at hand. What’s funny is you reach a point where Sansa is the greatest hope for the Starks.  Let me ask you something honestly, when Sansa is the greatest hope for your family is it really worth going on at all?  I’m just kidding but come on, she can’t step into the shoes of her older brother no way no how and there is no beating around the bush.

I might update this post a couple more times as the week progresses.  If you have any pressing questions about this series or what might potentially happen based on what went down in the book then by all means leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  Of course the show has proven time and again to be much different than the written series but if there is something you want to know then I would be happy to help.  When it comes to this show I am literally not capable of being an objective observer.  However I can’t help but be impressed with many things they have done this season.  Personally I believe that this show should be made for the readers of the book and not new people who don’t know any better about how deep it all goes.

I have to be a work early in the AM so I’m cutting this shorter than it would otherwise be but let me know about any lingering questions about the series.  I’m obsessed enough to love the opportunity to discuss it and the possibilities to come that it presents.