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Me, Myself & Irene

Year: 2000
Directed By: Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Written By: The Farrelly Brothers and Mike Cerrone


There is often a fine line between funny and stupid.  Nobody out there knows how to teeter on that line better than the Farrelly Brothers.  They have been making us laugh, and blush, for twenty years now and this film is exactly what I expect from them.  A stupid scenario formatted to be really funny.  Occasionally I find their movies to be too stupid but there are some exceptional ones.  This one is incredibly funny but does tend to get too stupid here and there. However, the laughs this movie offers will challenge those you got out of any film.  A funny movie made by funny people with their favorite funny man.

I remember the days when Jim Carrey was just full-on bursting with comedy.  In the mid to late nineties the man was so relentlessly funny and everything he touched turned to gold.  That all changed somewhere along the way and looking back over his career it seems to have ended after this film.  I am and always will be a big fan of Jim Carrey but he has been missing something for quite a while now.  I don’t know what that is but I will always hold out hope to see the Carrey of old come back.  His talent is undeniable but something has certainly changed about him.  He is currently wrapping up the sequel to one of his greatest, his first collaboration with the Farrelly brothers in fact.  Dumb and Dumber To will be hitting theaters sometime in the near future and I have high hopes for it.  Those guys were hilarious the first time around and I look forward to seeing what they are able to do now. At the same time I have concerns about the state of Carrey’s career when he is going back to Lloyd Christmas while nothing else seems to be working.  Jim Carrey if you are out there I am hoping you hit a home run with your next film and I believe in you man, never give up.

While I will never accept it until it is undeniable, this is currently the last really funny movie made by Carrey.  He has made a couple of comedies that weren’t bad since but nothing as nonstop funny and over the top.  With that being the case, Carrey really went all out in this one.  The two personalities of Charlie and Hank gave Carrey a duality to capture two different kinds of comedy.  I love when he turns into Hank and tries to pull off a super cool persona.  One of my favorite parts of the film is when he slides off the hood of the car in one motion while smoking a cigarette, hilarious.  I also love so much about his character as Charlie too.  His half-assed explanation about his children being that “his great grandmother was half Italian” is simply priceless. I remember when this movie came out Jim Carrey was seen as such a crazy guy that with each new film there was a prevalent thought along the lines of “what will he do this time?” In this movie he admitted that his antics were too much for even him at one point.  The specific scene that made him blush was the one in which he drinks milk from the mother’s breast.  He should have blushed too; he was really going to town on that thing. All for the greater good though, you gotta love a comedian that will literally do anything to make us laugh.

Since seeing Chicago and Cold Mountain I have considered Renee Zellweger one of the most impressive actresses of the decade but this film never seemed right for her.  This part, the hot girl in trouble messed up with the wrong people, in a film like this.  It’s just beneath her as an actress.  Granted this was before the two movies I mentioned but it still doesn’t seem like a good career decision.  Why did she play a part like this? She isn’t bad in the film I just think she could have done better in 2000.  I am a huge fan of Richard Jenkins and always enjoy a chance to see him in any movie.  I don’t think this film really showcases what he has to offer as a comedian and actor but he’s here.  Chris Cooper is great in the bad guy role.  He has a real sinister look to him and a tone in his voice that brooks no argument.  Cooper is never cast as a guy that gets picked on, for good reason.  Any time I have ever seen him I feel like he is always a character that conveys some power or a sense of danger. The rest of the cast only makes the film funnier.  There are plenty of people I haven’t even mentioned that are worth noting.  Tony Cox is always great and brings some great laughs to this movie.  Anthony Anderson is awesome whether he is being funny or stone cold gangster “Antwon Mitchell” style. He’s like a chubbier Michael Strahan; you can’t help but like the guy because he makes everything he is in better.

This movie is what it is, but when what it is makes us laugh it’s easy to be forgiving as a critical viewer.  This movie occasionally is a bit too much but it is funny enough to make you forget about anything that was simply stupid in the effort to be funny.  It is a relentless movie that will have your side hurting after all the laughter it provokes.  I sincerely hope that in a few months Jim Carrey will give his greatest comedic performance in his next collaboration with the Farrellys but until then I will always be happy to have this one.  It’s going on 15 years since this came out but this movie is just as funny now as it was then.  Having said all that I wouldn’t recommend a movie this vulgar to my mom, but to anybody else I’d point them toward it and tell them to get ready to laugh.  A very funny movie that is worth your time to see.


I love this movie. I never get tired of watching it. I know that a lot of people hate on this one. Actually they hate on Jim Carrey in general, but I don’t care. I love that guy. I love him when he is serious, I love him when he is funny, I just think he is one hell of a person. Also, on a side note, when he dated Jenny McCarthy, he got along famously with her Autistic son, she referred to him as an autism whisperer. THAT makes me love him EVEN more. Back to the matter at hand though, this movie shows what it can be like when a person just finally gets pushed too far. I think we can all (to some degree) relate to that feeling.

Me Myself & Irene

The only reason this is a great poster is because of Jim Carrey. He carries it completely and you totally get a sense of what the movie is about. He looks seriously goofy and nice on the left side and the right side he looks utterly like pure evil. The tagline is great too. “From Gentle To Mental.” The thing I really hate about this poster is the typography. And that’s a big one for me. I like that they used different weights for the words, but the outline and overlapping and drop shadow are killing me. Really? Other than that, this poster is really successful. I always know what movie it is immediately, and that’s simply because of the main focus. Jim Carrey. (I love him.)

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The Majestic

Year: 2001
Directed By: Frank Darabont
Written By: Michael Sloane


This movie was added to our collection early in its making.  We bought it while we were in college about ten years ago or so. At the time I remember being impressed with Jim Carrey’s performance as a serious actor.  I was a history student at the time as well and I imagine the references to The Red Scare and the Blacklisted writers appealed to me on some level.  However when we tried to watch this movie to review it we just couldn’t make it.  About a quarter of the way through the film I admitted that I really didn’t want to finish it, to my wife’s relief. Something about the tone of the film just wasn’t meshing with our evening.  It seemed just too overwhelmingly emotional in all the wrong ways.  The whole experience left us with no desire to finish the film so I’m sad to say we won’t have anything more to say about it.  If a fan of the film happens to be out there voice your support and maybe we will give it another go.  Otherwise we are going to move on past this one and straight on to the next film.

The film is significant if for no other reason than it covers the Red Scare and how it affected things in Hollywood.  It’s a good example of how out of hand things can get when a witch hunt gets started.  When wicked people get into positions of power and use their abilities to do wrong.  There is an obvious correlation between the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials.  How could the women of Salem prove that they weren’t agents of the devil and capable of magic? Does it matter that magic doesn’t really exist? No of course not because during a time when the Bible was law and science was blasphemous there was reason to believe people were capable of magic. Those chickens didn’t die because it was too cold or because there was a livestock disease going around; it was because Goody so and so hexed them to get at the owner.  The Bible clearly suggests that magic is a real possibility because when Moses takes His case to the Pharaoh it is all in the book. When Moses tries to convey the power of God with the “miracles” bestowed upon him by the Lord (snake, plague, and blood) the Pharaoh calls forth his sorcerers who are able to reproduce everything but turning the river to blood.  This is all beside the point but the judges in Salem had pretext to consider magic a possibility and how were these women to defend themselves? How does one prove they aren’t capable of something that doesn’t exist when the men in power think it does? It was an awful chapter in our history in which many women, and some men, were executed.  Even sadder is that history repeated itself during the Red Scare.

A significant part of our history in this country came down to the basic elements of Capitalism vs. Communism.  Communism was seen as a threat to world order and to our own political stability in this country, and in the world.  Post WWII the world was split between the US and Russia.  Many conflicts brewed simply to keep communism at bay in the east.  There was a theory that if one country fell to communism it would create a “domino effect” leading to many others falling as well.  That is more or less why we spent so much time and effort fighting a pointless war in Vietnam.  It’s why the world came to the brink of destruction during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s why a wall separated Germany into East and West for over 40 years. It’s why we had a 50 year Cold War with Russia in which both countries had their finger on a button that could destroy the world.  In our own country there were radical men such as Joseph McCarthy who saw the threat of Communism coming from within.  There were Communist men and women in this country who threatened the very fabric of our capitalist society.  If they weren’t dealt with they would undoubtedly have turned us all into Communist in time.  I’m talking about the Second Red Scare specifically, a witch hunt for Communist within our own country and it was a wide spread assault with victims everywhere.  In Hollywood this led to the Hollywood 10 being blacklisted because they had links to Communism.  It’s a cool story I don’t remember well enough but I know some of them went on writing under aliases while others were never able to work again.  It all comes back down to the same thing that went on in Salem.  How could a person prove not to be Communist anymore than one could prove not to be a witch? Anyone who had even associated with a Communist person knowingly or unknowingly was under suspicion of being part of this dangerous threat.  In this film Jim Carrey is blacklisted because he attended a party thrown by Communist while he was in college.  He didn’t know they were Communist and barely remembered attending the party but none of that mattered when his name was put on the list.

It was a weak movie I couldn’t get into again but that doesn’t change the fact that it touches on an interesting and alarming part of our country’s history.  I would like to note that I wrote everything above simply off the top of my head without going back into any research.  I claim no historical accuracy to what I have said and simply wish to let it serve as encouragement for you to look into the actual history yourself. It’s been years sent I sat down and learned these things in a history class and though I can’t remember all the specifics I remember the impression it left on me.  History is far too often cast to the backseat in our educational system and it’s a shame. This example of history repeating itself with dire consequences is a perfect example of why knowledge of our past is imperative. Those that do not understand the past are doomed to make the same mistakes of the past in the future.  Don’t waste your time with this movie but look into the history it covers, and understand what there is to learn from it all.


I am not even going to review this movie, for obvious reasons that Ryan probably mentioned above. Having said that, this poster is one of the best posters that I have reviewed so far.


You know that I hate when posters that try to fit every last single cast member into the poster. This is the best way that I have seen it portrayed. The image is shot in perspective and nobody is cut out and glowing! Look how amazing that is. The typography is minimal and quite pretty. Overall this is a really nice poster, but I have to give most credit to the photographer. Also, I have no idea what the movie could be about, not even the slightest clue, and furthermore, I am not even interested because there is no real allusion to anything in particular.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Year: 2004
Directed By: Michel Gondry
Written By: Charlie Kaufman


This is one of the most interesting films I have ever seen, if not the most interesting. It is like no other movie ever, a true original delivered by one of the most out of the box writers out there.  Charlie Kaufman is on another level when it comes to writing – he is a genius.  This movie is a great example of how imaginative and different he is; it is such a crazy movie. He is more known for his other films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, but this has always been my favorite of his films, with Adaptation being an extremely close second. On the DVD cover Peter Travers of Rolling Stones magazine is quoted describing this movie as “A smart, sexy, and seriously funny comedy.” That leads me to wonder if he actually saw the film.  I would hardly call it funny at all much less describe it as “a seriously funny comedy.” This movie is about love and loss, pain and heartache, and the emotional roller coaster relationships tend to be.  I find myself having difficulty trying to categorize it because it is so different than everything else. I considered leaving it as a lone “uncategorized” film before settling on just creating a new category for “love story,” but never once considered placing it in comedy.

This movie is more like a journey than a story. It’s a journey through the mind and memory that is made perfectly.   Charlie Kaufman really outdid himself with this one, and Michel Gondry did an excellent job funneling Kaufman’s ideas onto the screen. I am not familiar with Gondry but this movie alone makes me interested in anything else he has ever made.  He had a great cast to work with on this film as well.  I have always been a fan of Jim Carrey’s efforts to take more serious roles and I think this is his best one. He does an excellent job in this movie and he deserves more recognition for the role.  Opposite Carrey was Kate Winslet, who is such a wonderful actress.  She is beautiful even with those awful colors died in her hair and she brings her talents to the screen in top form.  She is probably one of the most natural actresses I have ever watched and she has the ability to really bring a character to life in unique ways.  Kirsten Dunst is on hand in this movie as well with a great scene where she is braless in a tank top.  I have always admired Dunst, although I think her greatest performance was her first one, when she was a little girl in Interview with a Vampire. Dunst doesn’t do enough movies of late and that is a shame, I have liked many of her films.  Elijah Wood was trying to distance himself from the role of Frodo Baggins around this time to avoid being typecast but I think he made a mistake choosing this one.  He plays such a creepy guy that I think it hurt his image. He then went on to play an even creepier guy in Sin CityI think Tom Wilkinson brought a lot to the film with his role as the doctor who specializes in erasing unwanted memories. Mark Ruffalo did a decent job but nothing distinguishing and I haven’t figured out quite what people see in him as an actor.

This movie has such an interesting story and we can all relate to it.  Who hasn’t been through a messy break-up they would love to forget.  Who hasn’t lost a loved one and been overwhelmed by the grief and heartache? When Carrey’s character finds out what his ex has done it hurts him, he feels the pain of that loss and can’t live with it.  He decides to go through the same procedure and realizes in the middle of it that he made a horrible mistake.  When we exit relationships the reasons for the break-up are the freshest things on our mind and it seems like erasing them would be an easy decision.  It comes with a cost though, Carrey soon gets to the memories that made him fall in love with Winslet and he isn’t willing to sacrifice those. He desperately does everything he can in order to save the love of his life from being erased but ultimately fails, sort of. I think the overall theme of the movie is that true love finds a way, and it does as we see.  Sometimes certain people belong together.  Relationships are a rocky business and they can sometimes take all our strength to persevere.  I think it takes an understanding of that in order to make a relationship work, and all too often people aren’t lucky enough to figure it out.

This movie taught me a lot about love, and even more about relationships.  In an interesting way it has always had a strange ability to make me fall so much more in love with my wife and that makes me appreciate it even more.  This movie doesn’t hold a spot in my favorites of all time but I do think it is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen.  I love this movie and encourage anybody I can to see it.  I know very few people who have seen it though so I would like to take the opportunity to encourage anybody that reads this to go out of their way to see it.  It starts off kind of slow but quickly turns into something completely different, it is an awesome movie that is more than worth your time.


Ah, finally. We get to my list of all-time favorite movies. This is in my top five. I love this movie with all of my heart. I asked myself what I would say about this strange, original movie and here is what I think. I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies. I don’t really like the same ol’ same ol’ storyline that you can practically predict. Instead, I like the movie that shows what love is really like. This movie is a love story, but not in the classic way. It is a love story in a true way. The way that real love is nuts. You do things you never thought possible when you are in love. Love is absurd and makes people nuts. This film shows that.

This movie always makes me love Ryan more than I already do. I know how we were at first. All crazy in love. If there were such a technology such as memory erasing, we both would have done it already. But, in my heart I know without doubt we would find our way back together, somehow. It’s sappy, but it’s true. I love this movie so much because it reminds me how much I love Ryan.

Of course I think you should watch this film if you haven’t already. It is clever and witty and includes all the little details that make a movie worth watching and re-watching.

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Dumb and Dumber

Year: 1994
Directed By: Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly
Written By: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, and Bennett Yellin


This film has given me almost twenty years of laughter and I am still laughing as we watch it now.  It’s worked out well that we reached this movie now as there has been talk of a sequel recently in the news. For whatever reason Jim Carrey‘s star has been falling for some time and he is beginning to revisit his old characters in an effort to get back on top.  However what I heard was that Carrey was watching this film and had an idea for the sequel and called the Farrelly brothers about it. That is an idea that intrigues me and I am very hopeful for the next film.  I am a big Jim Carrey fan and I would really like to see him get back to superstardom.

This was one of the roles that turned Carrey into a superstar in the mid 90s.  It gave him a lot of freedom to just do his thing and be funny and that’s exactly what he did.  He has great chemistry with Jeff Daniels, who also brings a lot to the movie.  I am a big fan of Jeff Daniels too, who is starring in a new HBO series that I am really looking forward to.  I saw a trailer for the show that set quite an impression, you can check it out here if you like. Together Carrey and Daniels made a duo that will always be making people laugh. Word is that Daniels is on board for the sequel so it will be really cool to see what these guys can come up with when they try it again. Lauren Holly looks fantastic in this movie. Although, as I said in a recent post I am not really a fan of hers.

I used to think the Farrelly brothers were two of the funniest filmmakers out there but as I have gotten older I have felt differently.  While they have made many really funny films that I loved and laughed at in my adolescents. Their movies tend to always center on a character suffering from some sort of disability.  Be it a film like this making fun of stupid people, fat and ugly (Shallow Hal), disabled (Kingpin), Siamese twins (Stuck on You),  or even the mentally handicapped (There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself, & Irene). As I have grown older and matured these don’t really seem like appropriate things to make fun of so I don’t hold these two in such high regard any longer. I still enjoy a couple of their films but these are not appropriate things to laugh at, and I think it sets a bad example for younger generations.

If you haven’t seen this movie then where have you been for the last eighteen years? It is a timeless comedy that people will always be laughing at. This is a good movie to check out now with the possibility of a new sequel being made.  I have never seen the prequel movie made with different people and I haven’t heard very many good things about it. This movie is definitely worth your time, it has non-stop laughs and a great soundtrack.  It is worth a lot of your time if truth be told.


This is one of those few movies that my Dad let us watch when we were growing up. I can almost recite this movie word for word. I love it. I think it is hilarious in a way that no other actors could achieve. It takes me back to a place of being a child and thinking that farting and setting a fire was the funniest thing on Earth. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you are probably living under a rock. Or you are 15. In either case you need to see this film before they do the next one. I think it might be really cool to see those guys re-visit this after so many years. I am really looking forward to it.

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Batman Forever

Year: 1995
Directed By: Joel Schumacher
Written By: Lee Batchler


This is where it all went horribly wrong.  The studio wanted a more family friendly Batman and they made a movie that Adam West must have admired.  I remember when this movie came out and remembered it fondly.  Watching it now I see that it was only cool then because I was only eleven years old.  This movie is ridiculous from beginning to end and I can not vouch for it.

Tim Burton was still on board as a producer but I can’t see much of his influence in the film.  When Warner Bros gave the keys to the Batman franchise to Joel Schumacher they deserved all the embarrassment and failure that he bestowed upon them. Schumacher took the dark Batman that Burton had created and he made it flamboyant, Batman should not be flamboyant. Why didn’t anybody take a step back and ask themselves if it was really a good idea to put nipples on the batsuit?  I have always wanted to know what the hell the studio was thinking, this was one of the worst ideas of all time.  The cast was ridiculous, alot of big names inappropriately cast or out of place.  I guess Jim Carrey was ok as the Riddler but I wouldn’t call him great.  Why did Tommy Lee Jones look so pink and colorful? I don’t really get the casting of Kilmer as Batman, I am a Val Kilmer fan, but as Batman? Who was responsible for that decision.  Chris O’Donnell wasn’t that bad but the circumstances of his character are a little too stupid.  First of all, why would a criminal organization hold up the circus to rob the pockets of the audience? Also, why would the unarmed acrobats think they were qualified to deal with the situation?

I have always said that the 4th Batman film, Batman & Robin was one of the worst movies of all time.  While it is still easily the worst of all the Batman films it does merely follow the footsteps of this movie.  This movie is much worse than I remembered it being and I do not think you should waste you time watching it.


Ugh, I don’t even want to write about this one. It is extremely hard to even sit though this one. Why do we even own it? Ryan said it is so different because they went towards a more family friendly Batman. But come on, crime fighting just isn’t family friendly. Jim Carrey was in his prime of his comedy career at the time of this film, but I thought he was misplaced and was annoying throughout.

Since I am the woman voice on this blog, I also must add that Val Kilmer makes an AWFUL Batman. He is not sexy as Batman, and what is the point if Batman is not a sexy hero? I mean, he only has to be sexy from the nose down really. His lips are all pouty like a woman’s.

This film is just a no-go for me. Anytime you add in Robin I automatically think back to the cheesy Adam West stuff, and I can’t take it seriously. Watch the others, skip this one and Batman and Robin, and then pick it back up Batman Begins.

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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Year: 1995
Directed By: Steve Oedekirk
Written By: Jack Bernstein


While I suppose you can call the first Ace Ventura movie vaguely serious, the second is much sillier and sometimes seems stupid.  However, I think this one is the funnier movie, the lack of seriousness allows Jim Carrey full range to be as funny as he wants to be with less limitation.  I think this film serves more as a platform for Carrey’s own crazy style of comedy than it does as a traditional film.  That works though, there is nothing wrong with that.  Jim Carrey is a seriously funny guy and a really talented entertainer.  He doesn’t miss a beat in this movie, it is relentlessly funny.  Jim Carrey is a different person these days, he has become a different person in his stardom.  While he is still a fantastic actor he just has a different style, he has evolved.  In this movie we see Jim Carrey as he was when he first burst onto the scene as someone who did something different. He was a new comedian with adult ADD and his comedy seemed to never end, somewhere along the line it was as if someone gave him Ritalin.  He calmed down, and part of that explosive relentless comedian was lost as he showed us he could do more, he showed us range, and that he was more than just a wacky guy.  Jim Carrey has had an excellent career, but sometimes I miss the guy he used to be, the days when he really was Ace Ventura.

This movie is hilarious, it has some of the all time funniest scenes I’ve ever seen.  “So you must be the Monopoly guy,” that scene will always make me laugh, and it barely compares to Ace Ventura being born from that Rhino along the safari trail.  It’s rare, and even was in the mid 90s, that a sequel is made only a year after the original film.  It’s even rarer that a sequel is rushed out and turns out funnier than its predecessor but that is the case with this film.  As I mentioned in my review of the first Ace Ventura, I think Steve Oedekerk is a better director than Tom Shadyac.  I haven’t really liked anything else Shadyac has done besides the first Ace Ventura, but Oedekerk directed, wrote, and starred in a different film that is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  So I don’t think it’s coincidental that he made a funnier Ace Ventura movie.  I still hope that one day Jim Carrey quits taking whatever medicine is calming him down and we see a third Ace Ventura film.  Great movie totally worth your time, SHAKAKA!!


The sequel. To me, this one is funnier than the second one. It is even more outrageous and Jim Carrey really comes into the role. The hair, the attitude and the outrageous sayings are all better than the first. In this one he travels to Africa to save a bat, an animal he is afraid of, and spends the the movie in search of the animal while interacting with tribal villagers. When I was younger we used to recite the words to the entire film. We loved it so much. To this day I will even use some of the sayings or recite a scene when I am hanging out with my brother. One of our favorites is “Bumble Bee Tuna.”

What are your favorite Ace Ventura lines?

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Year: 1994
Directed By: Tom Shadyac
Written By: Jack Bernstein


I remember going to see this movie in the theater when I was ten years old in 1994.  My dad was a huge Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino fan so naturally he took us to see the film.  While I may have been too young to understand certain scenes in this film I still thought it was hilarious and it has remained funny for the past 17 years.  This movie made Jim Carrey a superstar, he had a busy and successful year in 1994 also starring The Mask and Dumb and Dumber that year but it all started with Ace Ventura.  Jim Carrey owns this role, and the success of the film is his alone.  I am not a big fan of Tom Shadyac and I happen to think Steve Oedekerk made an even funnier movie the following year.  Courtney Cox does her job, she looks good in this movie and that is all that was really required of her.  When I was 10 years old I couldn’t really appreciate how cool it was for the Miami Dolphins to collaborate so well with a movie.  You don’t see that in mainstream films very often but I think it worked really well here. Ace Ventura still makes me laugh, and I think it will continue to do so for a very long time.  Excellent movie that is totally worth your time.


My parents didn’t watch a lot of television when I was growing up. They were very guarded about what they let us watch and because they never rented anything we only had choices of what was on the meager VHS rack. This movie was one of them. My dad didn’t watch a lot of movies, but he loved Jim Carey, and so did we. This movie is very nostalgic for me and takes me back to lying on the couch with my brother and sister and laughing so hard at Jim Carey. To this day I can recite most of the lines from both movies verbatim. The movie still continues to make me laugh, and I feel I can laugh harder knowing that Jim Carey went on to become an amazing actor, not just another comedian. I love that Courtney Cox played the love interest and she played the part great. This movie is hilarious, and I would be surprised if you haven’t seen it already, but in that rare instance…see this one and the sequel, I find the sequel even more funny.