Larry Miller

10 Things I Hate About You

Year: 1999
Directed By: Gil Junger
Written By: three different writers


This movie is out of place in the DVD order because it is new.  I regularly buy new DVDs and the farther we get into the collection the more often we might get new movies that will take a place earlier in the order.  When that happens I intend to review that movie next and it will just be out of place in the blog.

Owning this movie was long overdue, I like it for several reasons.  It was while we were watching and reviewing the Jason Bourne movies that I decided to finally get it.  It was seeing Julia Stiles and wanting more that ultimately got this movie into our DVD collection. She has such an unique look that makes her beautiful and she is talented too.  This was her first movie and probably her most popular film, not including the Bourne movies where she is just a secondary supporting character.

There are other reasons this movie belonged in the collection too.  This was one of the movies I played on a regular basis at Action Video while I was working there.  It’s another one of those stupid high school films that came out when I was in high school but I always liked this one.  It is a funny movie and sets itself apart from the others in many ways.  I am also about to be the father of TWO daughters myself and have a new appreciation for a movie about two sisters.  I think Larry Miller is great as the father of those two sisters, he is really funny in this movie. This movie is also interesting because it gives us a look at three successful actors who were very young at the time.  Of course many of us knew Joseph Gordon-Levitt already from his long career on television as a child, this movie was part of his effort to branch out into films which is going much better lately.  Juila Stiles of course, although she does not work enough today.  I believe this was the first American film for Heath Ledger as well, and his star continued to rise until his untimely death almost ten years later. I was always a fan of Heath Ledger but for more of my thoughts on him see our post for The Dark Knight.

This movie gives me the nostalgic feeling of being 16 again, when all the problems I had only seemed important.  That makes it extra special to me but I still think this movie has a lot of value for anyone who wants to watch it.  This movie is worth your time and I would recommend it to anyone.


I cannot believe Ryan bought this movie. And yes he bought, not me. I didn’t even ask him to get it, I just noticed it came in the mail this past week. This movie takes me back to teenageland. Every time I watch it I think about where I was in my life. It is one of those thinkless movies about a guy who meets a girl under false pretenses, and falls in love with her and then loses her and then he has to find a way to win her back. It’s an okay movie, not the greatest teen flick ever, but what I find most interesting about it is that Ryan loves it and bought it himself.