Lea Thompson

Red Dawn

Year: 1984
Directed By: John Milius
Written By: Kevin Reynolds and John Milius


The remake of this movie is only days away from release and I felt compelled to watch the original before it is forever tainted by an undoubtedly awful rendition.  I have always thought this was a really cool movie and I have been incredibly angry at the idea of it being remade.  This movie was a good idea but still a far fetched plot even as the Cold War was still going on.  To make a new version now just seems asinine and I will not be wasting my time with it.  An idea like this was the kind of thing you could only get away with in the 80s.  Today it is just a lazy attempt to make money by the studio.  The remake has actually spent some time on the shelf and the studio wasn’t sure what to do with it.  Perhaps this is because it makes no sense; there is no global scale war going on currently and no dangerous enemy out there hellbent on taking over the world. I implore anybody that reads this post to not waste your time on the remake.  Watch this movie because it is in fact worth your time.

This movie may be a bit silly in its premise, but it is nevertheless about an actual real conflict.  That is more than can be said about whatever is hitting theater this Thanksgiving.  I think that this movie is historically significant despite its unrealistic nature.  It is a wild scenario that many people seriously feared throughout the Cold War. I don’t know what the hell the new Red Dawn is about but I know it is about nothing real or anything that actually matters.  This movie was a period piece that has no place in the twenty first century. In this movie we see young men having to face the realities of the world through violence, in an honest fashion.  This movie is powerful and important.  It was a travesty to even consider remaking it and I cannot believe that any studio out there is so desperate for ideas that they actually did it. Not only did they do it but they are banking on it as a holiday release and pushing it really hard with advertising.

This movie had a really superstar cast of up and comers from the 80s class.  Patrick Swayze in one of his finer roles plays the leader of the rebel Wolverines.  Charlie Sheen, in one of his tamest roles plays the dependable and loyal brother to Swayze. C. Thomas Howell probably plays his best part of any that he ever played. I love how ruthless and reckless his character becomes as the movie progresses.  Jennifer Grey and Lea Thompson were both very hot chicks that got gritty and grimy to play the badass girls of the Wolverines. I am a fan of Powers Boothe and liked what he brought to the film as the actual soldier who mentors the fledgling rebels. I also really liked the guy that played the Cuban Commander and how he began to struggle with his position in the conflict.  He becomes disheartened with himself as he realizes he has become the foe he used to face in the field himself. I like that they all fight to the last man and martyr themselves in battle.  I like that they win the battle but the war clearly goes on without them as the movie closes. I think these things add to the realistic nature of the unrealistic circumstances the characters find themselves in.

What I think made this movie really memorable is that it had balls, it was a ballsy story and it wasn’t afraid to kill off all of its stars one by one.  I can’t see this rehashed Hemsworth crap being anything more than a campy wanna-be movie. I like Chris Hemsworth, he was awesome as Thor, but I don’t like him enough to give this new movie a shot.  It’s just such a stupid idea that I can’t stand it.  I keep seeing this preview where Hemsworth says something like “This is just a place to them, but this is our home.” Well there are serveral reasons that is a stupid thing to say. First of all this the United States of F—ing America, it’s not just a place to anyone.  Secondly, there is no army currently threatening the world with war, no powerful nation anywhere capable of invading the United States.  Third reason is the the tacky tone added to the line that’s meant to inspire patriotism but just comes off as lame.  I implore you people to not waste your time this holiday with this madness.  It’s asinine, and this studio thinks you are stupid, they are practically stealing your money from you if you pay to see it.  I’m not sure which studio is responsible for this remake but they are literally banking on the idea that the audience is stupid, that we don’t crave something new and creative.  They looked at each other in some room and said “this movie may not be relevant anymore and the plot might no longer apply to the times but let’s make it again anyway and see if these idiots will pay for it again.” Don’t be that idiot and don’t waste your time with it.

Of course I will not be seeing the movie and if I am utterly and hopelessly wrong then feel free to comment and give me a piece of your mind.  If you have an itch to watch Red Dawn this holiday though I suggest you find a copy of the original and forget about what is hitting theaters. The 1984 version of this movie was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone.  This movie is definitely worth your time.


 I actually don’t mind this poster at all. It is intriguing, and that is ultimately the main goal of a poster. I like the color of the sky and the movement of the ovals in the background. Although I am not in love with the typography of the title, I think they were trying really hard so I will at least give them that.

Overall, not a bad poster. It could totally be worse.

Back to the Future

Year: 1985
Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
Written By: Robert Zemeckis


This film is the very definition of classic film.  It was a really cool idea and everybody loved it.  It was immensely popular when it came out, so much so that it was even quoted by Ronald Reagan in his 1986 State of the Union Address.  More recently it was actually used in a parody done by James Franco and Anne Hathaway during the 83rd Academy Awards show, so I would stay the film remains popular even until today.  I have also recently seen the film referenced in both NBC’s Community and The Office as well. The movie was well made, well performed, and will probably remain popular for another 25 years.  Let us all hope that nobody makes the mistake of trying to remake this film, too many classic 80s films are being remade lately.  When these classic movie are remade successfully the originals are ruined for the younger generations.  For example, what’s today’s 13 year old kid going to think of Ralph Macchio’s Karate Kid after seeing Jaden Smith’s version? I haven’t seen the remake and I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, in fact I heard great things about it. I think that the remake was made at a faster pace to suit today’s faster paced lifestyle, but it will inevitably make the original seem slow and boring. I think the remake’s success destroys the original movie to an extent, it makes it much harder to live on in the future.

Back to the Future was directed and written by Robert Zemeckis, with Steven Spielberg serving as Executive Producer.  Michael J Fox made his break through into movies with this role, and it was his best, more than anything else he is remembered for playing Marty McFly.  Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson play his parents who he runs into as teenagers in 1955.  Christopher Lloyd also gives the performance of his career in this movie, and he is fantastic as Doc Brown. When I was a kid I thought the skateboarding scene in 1955 was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I loved this movie then as I do now, it’s such a simple story yet so original. Time Travel is an idea that always works well in movies and especially comedies.  People love seeing people out of place in different time periods, it is a popular comedy scenario.

While it may be disappointing that 25 years later we still have no time travelling DeLoreans, in fact almost nobody at all has DeLoreans and haven’t in as much time. In fact we have none of the ideas that this franchise proposed we would see in the future i.e. hover boards, flying car, flux capacitors.  Science has never been my strongest subject but occasionally I read some theories.  As I understand it the whole concept of time is merely an illusion, I can’t explain it, but it’s something I’ve picked up along the way. Long story short time travel isn’t possible because time doesn’t actually exist, but I could be really wrong about this.  Nevertheless time travel makes for a good story and Back to the Future is an awesome movie about it.  This movie is a classic all the way and it is worth your time to see it.


This movie always takes me back to my dad. He is the one I first watched it with and it was his idea. Which is saying something since he doesn’t watch a lot of movies. I love this movie and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love the actors in the film, I love the story and overall I just love this movie. I never get tired of watching it. It is sad to me that so many people younger than myself has never and will never see it. I think it is a tragedy. They probably wouldn’t get the humor anyway, but still this film is one that I think everyone should see. How else would you get “Great Scott!” and “McFlllllyyyyy.”

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