The Walking Dead Season 3

This season really has been nothing short of incredible and last night’s episode was specifically riveting.  The action has been none stop in this season and I am loving that.  It’s exactly how the show should be and it keeps the viewer preoccupied during the show so the shockers hit even harder at the end.  Last night offered a big shocker at the end and it was some of the best acting I have seen from the cast. It was a very emotional shocker and I was thoroughly impressed with the performances of Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs. Personally I will not miss Lori and her drama but her death was not at all what I expected.  The show is beginning to branch away from the comic even more now and that is necessary to keep fans of the comic interested and surprised.


In the comic Lori and her child are murdered by the Governor during the assault on the prison.  Obviously that is not what will happen now but I will be surprised if the baby survives the season.  The comic mostly centers around Rick whereas the show has centered around the group as a whole.  I think we will begin to see that change now as the group is progressively shrinking.  In the comic Rick and some of his friends are held prisoner by the Governor at Woodbury and during that time he loses a hand.  I think that is definitely coming in the show too as it seems obvious to me that Merle will take Rick’s hand in retribution for his own.  As for everything else your guess is as good as mine.  If the comic is followed we may see nearly all members of the group perish but that is not for sure.  The show has already deviated greatly from the comic and there is just no telling what they have up their sleeves.


According to the comic it is strongly implied that the baby is Shane’s. The show does this as well with Lori falling to pieces over Shane’s death and the distance we see between Rick and Lori in the beginning of this season.  This is probably the most we will get out of it and don’t expect the true father of the baby to ever be officially revealed.  There is no way for the group to actually find out and I doubt they would even try if they could.  The most we might get is someone making a comment that the baby has Shane’s eyes or something like that, but I think that would be a stupid thing to do.  Now that Lori has died and the baby has lived there is no telling what will happen but they baby does die in the comic, and chances are it won’t make it long on the show either.  It’s a dangerous world out there and there isn’t much place for a baby that cries and needs constant care.  It will be fine while they are safely secured in the prison but that won’t last long.