Mike Judge

Office Space

Year: 1999
Directed By: Mike Judge
Written By: Mike Judge


I like this movie but I have never loved it.  In fact I have always found its overwhelming popularity to be a bit of an enigma.  It’s in the collection because I found at a really reasonable price one day and I am such a big Mike Judge fan I felt I owed the movie another chance.  I didn’t love it anymore than I did before after buying it but I at least found more to like about it.

Mike Judge is mostly famous for his creation of the two obnoxious but popular characters Beavis and Butthead.  I missed the ball on that one being too young to see it for the most part.  When I did see it I thought it was funny but I didn’t particularly like it. The reason I am a huge fan of Mike Judge is for the other character he is less famous for creating, Hank Hill.  King of the Hill is one of my favorite shows of all time and as a character I have found Hank Hill to be very influential on me. In life I literally try to emulate Hank Hill to a certain degree.  Hank always did what was right, he gave 110% with everything, and he was the kind of man who earned the respect of those he met.  Those are qualities I respect and took special care to learn from during my formative years watching the show. I often look at life decisions and think “what would Hank do?” If I can figure that out I trust in whatever decision I make. I specifically take pride in professionalism, the fundamentals, honesty, integrity, and the value of hard work. I learned to love these things from Hank Hill and the inspiration I have found in that character is always with me.

As to this movie I think it is easy and fun to watch but nothing significant.  I don’t particularly care for Ron Livingston or Jennifer Aniston but there is nothing wrong with the performance of either in this movie. I like several of the other actors in supporting roles but none as much as my favorite actor of all time.  Stephen Root plays the part of Milton and is as hilarious and universally talented as ever.  Root has a long history with Mike Judge as the two worked together for a long time as voice talents for King of the Hill. Judge voiced several characters and most notably Hank Hill while Root did the same and mainly voiced Bill Dauterive. Root has gone on to find plenty of success both as a television and film actor.  What makes him my favorite actor of all time is simply his diversity. He is a highly prolific actor and he seems to find something unique to bring to every role he plays.

I know this is a disappointing review.  I barely talked about the film at all but no matter how much I try I have just never been able to love it like so many do.  It’s a good enough movie to pass the time with but that is all I will give it.  If you would like to voice your outrage over my lack of enthusiasm about it feel free to leave a comment and let everyone else who reads this know how wrong I must be.  Since I am knowingly in the minority here I will say this movie is worth your time despite how I feel about it.


Everyone seems to love this movie and that includes me. I know how Ryan feels about it, but I seem to like anything that Mike Judge touches. Most of you already know why this movie works and is funny, so let’s move on to the poster.


What’s better than this poster to support this type of movie? A guy in a suit covered in post-it notes. That’s great. Work Sucks. That’s great. This poster matches the movie. It’s a simple premise, but it completely works.

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