Morgan on the Walking Dead

Negan on The Walking Dead


First of all, let me apologize to fans of the show who came looking for something about the recent casting news this week. Yes Negan has finally been cast on The Walking Dead TV series but I have little to no interest in that. I think Jeffery Dean Morgan can potentially be very good in the part but I have serious doubts that the show can really bring Negan to life in a fitting way. To put it bluntly the guy is just too R-rated for network television, even if AMC likes to raise the stakes as much as possible.

No, I’m just stoked to write about what happened in the most recent issue of The Walking Dead comic book. I have already written about Negan’s return to the series once and that proved to simply be wishful thinking. The cover of this past April’s issue was very misleading and I can only hope I am not getting my hopes up in vain for a second time.

In the issue released this week, #148, things have simply gotten too hot in Alexandria for Rick to keep under wraps. The people are mad and they are angry. Alexandrians are quickly getting to the point of taking on a mob mentality and destroying everything Rick and his people have worked so hard to build. As the issue comes to a close Rick realizes he cannot solve this problem on his own and the final page shows Rick descending into the basement prison to ask Negan for help. To which we only see a grin in response from Negan.

I think it was perfect because this is what Negan has been waiting for. For over two years now he has had to languish in a prison cell while the world went on without him. He had an opportunity to escape and chose not to in hopes it might actually convince Rick he could be trusted. It didn’t convince Rick of anything and Negan was again left in the dark. Yet everything is different now and this is what Negan has been waiting for. Nothing was ever going to change for Negan until Rick actually needed him for something and that moment has finally arrived!

I’m not going to get ahead of myself this time and spout off a lot of wishful thinking about what may or may not happen. The cover of the next issue certainly implies Negan is released and working together with Rick but I have learned the hard way that the covers can be deceiving now and again. Check out the cover of next months issue below.

I can only hope the coming issue is as awesome as this cover implies and it will needle at me every day until it’s release. I have become such a junkie for this series I literally feel like I am fiending already in anticipation over what might happen next. All I can really be sure of is that it will be awesome, because with this series I have learned to have no doubt. I think the show is ok but I am a bit of an ass when it comes to fans because I think the show is simply for amateurs.

All the time I am hearing “oooh is Glenn really dead?” or other currently random show specific topics. I can’t help but roll my eyes at such things. When I watch the show I am impressed now and again but more often than not I am looking over at Amber and making a vulgar gesture. So much unnecessary drama and pointless monologueing. Why does every damn character have to have a moment where they publicly profess their understanding of how the world is now? Blah blah blahbidy blah get over it people and check out where the action really is in black and white.

As to the eager question about Glenn everyone is so interested in I do not know. I have explained to people that if he is dead the show wasted what would have otherwise been a really magnanimous death at the hands of the new enemy coming to town. I have an idea about that though. If he is dead, which at this point he should be barring a ridiculous heartwarming effort from the show for his return, I think it means something very different. Negan was the one that killed Glenn in the comic, at random for no other reason than to make a point. Negan needed to make a splash as a character and did so by killing one of the series longest surviving characters. If Glenn doesn’t make it back then I think Negan kills Daryl in his place.

I like Daryl on the show but his presence makes it hard for the show to introduce new badasses from the comic. Like Abraham who is little more than a background character on the show. Rick doesn’t need a badass Abraham because he has Daryl. With Jesus due to make his appearance in the coming future it may be time for a dramatic and violent death for Daryl. Don’t know what the show is doing with Morgan but I can’t stand this sudden ninja warrior of the apocalypse.

Just an idea I’m throwing out there. I really got way off point because all I am truly interested in lies below with the possibilities lurking on the pages behind this scene. Negan is one of my favorite bad guys of all time if not the number one over all. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for him.


Morgan on the Walking Dead

I was a bit disappointed in last night’s episode but only because I am really waiting to see shit hit the fan at the prison right now.  What we saw last night may have answered a long-standing question for fans of only the show but otherwise it seemed to me to just be a filler episode.  I do think the guy that played Morgan did an incredible job but if he didn’t come back with them I don’t really know what the point of it all was.

One thing that did confuse me a bit is that Rick is from Kentucky while the prison is located in Georgia.  Did Rick and company travel all that distance to get those guns? The show didn’t make any implication toward this but a journey of that distance would have been much more challenging as supplies begin to grow scarce.  I also had one other thought that only fans from the comic can probably relate to.  Is it just me or did Michonne do too much talking last night?  I know that in the show we will have to hear more from her in order to get to know the character but something just seemed off about it.  Maybe it was that her tone was altogether too friendly when she was speaking.  Michonne is an awesome character but part of what makes her so badass is how silent she is throughout the series.  When she is talking she isn’t particularly friendly either.  She is sullen, silent, and deadly, something about all her dialogue last night just didn’t seem right.

The episode last night is something that happened much later in the comics however.  When Rick and company are making their trek toward Washington D.C. Rick, Carl, and Abraham detour for a few days to travel back to Rick’s hometown to raid the police station.  While they are there Rick goes to check in on Morgan who has completely lost his mind.  His son has turned and Morgan keeps him chained up and fed in his home.  Morgan has actually resorted to killing any live people who come around in order to feed them to his dead son who he can just not let go of.  Rick does his best to talk sense into him and persuades him to come back to the group with him.  Morgan is obviously completely and possibly dangerously unstable but Rick will not leave the man who saved his life behind.  In time Morgan manages to level out some but never fully recovers.  Even for a while before he dies sharing a bed and having a difficult relationship with Michonne.

As for the episode as a whole I did enjoy it although it did nothing to progress the story. I think the best part of the episode came at the end when they are returning to the prison and pass the man they ignored on the way in.  Eaten and not much remaining but they do stop and pick up his pack of supplies before taking off.  It’s a dog eat dog world and every man is for himself.  I can’t wait to see what happens as the situation at the prison heats up.  I do not really like how Tyrese and co. are hanging around at Woodbury and hope that eventually we see him get back to Rick’s group and take his place by Rick’s side. Rick and his group are in a dangerous situation and the powerful hammer swinging ex-NFL player is exactly what they need to balance the scales against their evil cycloptic enemy.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of last night’s episode and if you have any predictions for what is to come for the remainder of the season I would really like to hear it.