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Halloween Season 2015

We’ve made yet another pass around the sun and the season of the Autumn Equinox is upon us. We have football every Sunday, cooler weather, foliage beginning to show and the coolest holiday of the year fast approaching. For the month of October we will again be putting aside our journey through the collection to once more focus the whole month primarily on horror films.

As far as I am concerned Halloween trumps the other holidays because it’s just for fun. Thanksgiving has too much regular family drama for practically everyone and the two months of Christmas are just too relentless, and costly. If you remember New Years you didn’t start the year off right and Easter can hardly be considered cool. Halloween on the other hand is exciting, cost-effective, fun for adults and kids, and provides plenty of films to get us in the right mood.

For the rest of the month we will be reviewing only horror films and have several new ones lined up. Coming up this month are some personal favorites  and a couple of classics thrown in for good measure. If time allows we may even revisit a favorite or two from the past. So if you are looking for the perfect horror movie to get in the mood for the season then keep in touch for coming updates or check out the links below for some reviews of Halloweens past. If you want even more you can always click on the horror category for all of our reviews within the genre.

House of 1,000 Corpses One of my favorite horror movies and it gets me every time. I’m often disappointed with most of Rob Zombie’s other films but this first one was his best in my opinion.

Dawn of the Dead One of my favorite movies of all time. To this day I don’t think any movie has realistically ever captured the real horror involved in a zombie apocalypse.

Halloween The ultimate movie for the season. A movie that could never be matched, even from countless sequels or a horror fanatic like Rob Zombie.

Nightmare on Elm Street A classic that was too good to be remade. It was groundbreaking with effects and scary enough to stand the test of time.

In The Mouth of Madness A practically forgotten movie that I have always really enjoyed. Sam Neill is great at horror.

Event Horizon This movie is absolutely gut wrenching and can scare the hell out of anyone.

The Hill Have Eyes Terrifying movie that should have never been remade.

Candyman This movie scared me so bad when I was a kid I couldn’t sleep in the dark for two months.

Night of the Living Dead A classic that brought on the age of zombies that we live in today.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space This one I just listed for fun. I enjoy a good ridiculous movie now and again. This one is as ridiculous as it gets.

Poltergeist  This is an excellent movie that should have never been remade. Also a rare PG horror film that can actually scare you.

Planet Terror This is one of favorite movies of all time. I only list it because technically it is a horror film although I’ve never associated it with Halloween because this one is an anytime movie.

This is just a handful of what we have to offer here. If you are interested in more definitely check out the Horror category to the right of the screen and stay with us throughout the month for more.

All the pumpkins seen in pictures were done by my lovely and talented wife over the past few years. My personal favorite, of course, is the Dawn of the Dead pumpkin and I insist it be done every year.



The Cabin in the Woods

Year: 2012
Directed By: Drew Goddard
Written By: Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard


For the life of me I can’t remember what it was that prompted Amber and I to see this film for the first time. With the unoriginal crap generally hitting theaters these days from the horror genre being what they are we usually don’t waste our time with them. It must have been a really slow season for movies hitting the On Demand channel but whatever the reason we took a chance on something we otherwise never would have seen. We started watching it casually and more or less taking it for more of the same before it really started to surprise us. This movie has a rather interesting twist on the same old same old and I really liked it. I tend to like horror movie satires and this one is specifically cool because I love a scenario in which everyone dies and the whole world hangs in the balance only to fall over the edge.

Like any other typical horror movie this one is about a group of teenagers who go on an outdoorsy trip and scary things start to happen to them. Only in this one those things are happening because men for unknown reasons are manipulating the whole situation in the most interesting ways. These two interesting fellows are at the controls casually doing their jobs, on what is alluded to being a big day for them, using technology to set up the five happy college kids in terrifying situations. You don’t really understand what their job is but you know that they are controlling everything for some reason.  The mystery behind it only makes the movie more interesting and exciting when these guys start to turn up the volume.

The lead role in this very typical group of young people is the obvious jock played by Chris Hemsworth. I find it really funny that at one point he is standing at a gas pump and for absolutely no apparent reason he is holding a football. He is just such a cliché character and it comes so natural to the mighty son of Odin. I love when Thor tries his Evel Knievel move after a vaguely heartfelt speech of abandonment and simply crashes to his death against an invisible wall. His monologue is the kicker because he is promising to bring back help and all of that, but really he is just leaving them behind to escape on his own. I laughed so hard the first time I watched it when he crashes into that wall and dies so unceremoniously. It was at that moment that this movie had me, I specifically remember looking to Amber and saying “I love this.”

My favorite character in this group of obvious characters is the obvious one, being the stoner guy who plays “the fool.” Everybody is acting crazy and he is just looking at them asking, “really?” I also love that he uses his cleverly disguised bong as a weapon when faced with danger. I read that Fran Kranz, who play the fool, needed to do a lot of research in order to play this stoner character including learning how to smoke and roll joints. I find that funny too, it must have been hard putting in that kind of work for his job. In the scene where they are all jumping into the lake he isn’t participating because apparently the guy is too ripped to take his shirt off. Taking that into consideration his prep work makes sense, the ripped guys aren’t usually the pot smokers. As for the rest of the group, or the scholar, the whore, and the virgin. They were all interchangeable and nothing more than pretty faces playing their role.  I don’t think any of them were noteworthy and any actor could have been cast in each of the parts with no notable difference in the film. .

The real golden nuggets in the cast are the men playing the parts of the mysterious operators, and the woman who appears at the end as the boss behind it all. The operators are played by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford and they have great chemistry working together. Their opening scene was specifically written to confuse the audience and make them think they were in the wrong theater. Richard Jenkins, playing the older of the two operators, is a flawlessly talented actor who can do a bit of everything. I specifically like him for his humor because he can be so funny. He is generally unknown by name but everyone recognizes him because he is in so many films. Bradley Whitford has been around forever but I remember him most for playing the bad guy in Billy Madison. In this film he is great playing alongside Jenkins. I specifically like how casual he is with the whole process of his job. Whether he is chit chatting on the ride to the office, firing an automatic weapon against monsters, or dying at the hands of the merman he seems so casual I find it funny. These guys are great together and the way they are portrayed keeps the movie so interesting as it progresses. I love when they think that they have accomplished their goal and they start to party. They are popping champagne and celebrating while over their shoulders Kristen Connolly, who plays “the virgin,” is being brutally beaten on the big screen.

The end of the film features Sigourney Weaver in the top dog role as the boss making a final plea to the two survivors to do what is right for the sake of mankind. I love Sigourney Weaver and her part in this movie is the cherry on top that makes everything so cool. Joss Whedon is a fanboy and all fanboys love the woman who taught us women could be badass in the role of Ripley. Also playing a significant part in another fan favorite, Ghostbusters, Signourney Weaver is near and dear to the hearts of us all.  This seems to me like her cashing in an easy paycheck but her presence gives the film credibility. As always, she brings it when she is on-screen, her performance capped off what was already a fun and exciting movie.

This movie was filmed and shelved for a few years before ever hitting theaters 2012. It just happened to hit the big screen the same year as another hit by Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth, The Avengers. In the time that elapsed between shooting and release Hemsworth became an actor of more notoriety. He had made his place in the Marvel superhero world in 2011 when Thor came out so when this film was released his name was in top billing. It made his unceremonious death a bit more surprising when we watched it the first time and all the funnier because it was unexpected. This was not the only film in which that happened to Hemsworth. The remake of Red Dawn was also shot and sat on the shelf for a couple of years before release. I remember that happening but can’t remember the reason. I was very much disappointed by the decision to remake that classic movie about a real conflict with whatever asinine thing happened in the new one.  I don’t know how he did in that film or what befalls his character in it because I will not waste my time watching it, those are precious hours and minutes I cannot get back and feel right about losing.

This is a fun movie from a really cool and continually up and coming filmmaker in Joss Whedon. Depending on how the next Avengers film does, which all indications are that it will be even more awesome, this guy will have his ticket punched and there is no telling what he is capable of doing. I read that he and Drew Goddard wrote this movie rather quickly. It was something he did in his downtime for fun. That says a lot about what he is capable of in the future. This movie has been a welcome addition to the collection and I think it is more than worth your time to see.  This is the time of the year for scary movies and it’s great to have a fun one to throw into the mix.




I went into this movie thinking it was your everyday scary movie about a cabin in the woods. I think it was fun to go into it like that. I was completely caught off guard with this movie, and in a good way. This is so different from the usual horror flick and that’s what makes it worth watching.

cabinI like this poster! It’s a great way to subtly introduce the movie’s plot. The coloration is great and adds an eerie feeling to the plot of the movie. The typography is not horrible, but could have been handled in a better way. Overall, I really think this poster and movie work so well. It is a refreshing take on a Halloween-esque movie.

Halloween Season 2014

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we did this last October but in the spirit of Halloween we will again be dedicating the month to watching and reviewing horror films. To check out the movies of this genre we have already done check out the Horror category to the right of the page.  You can also check this out to see what all we covered last year during Halloween.

Halloween is a fun holiday and we are looking for the right movies to get us in the mood for it as the month progresses. This year we have six set aside already for the season and may be doing more as time is available. As with last year we will only be reviewing horror films that fall before “O” in alphabetical order. That means we have just missed the mark for some good ones such as Poltergeist and The People Under the Stairs. You’ll have to wait until next year for those but in the mean time we will be reviewing Night of the Living Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, Devil, The Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween II at least. Of course we are open to suggestions if you have one that meets the prerequisites of starting with a letter before “O” and a horror film. Also, we will not review or watch any classic horror remake.  All films listed are the originals.

Our progress through the movie collection has slowed of late as life has been tumultuous. We have made it through the letter “N” with the exception of Night of the Living Dead which was held out until this month. After Halloween we will get back to business as usual with three “O” movies that are ready to go and just waiting editing. The films waiting to be published after the holiday are Office Space, Old School, and Orange CountyUntil that time enjoy the Halloween season and check out our reviews if you are looking for movies that will set the mood right for the holiday.