Pablo Escobar


Year: 2001
Directed By: Ted Demme
Written By: Bruce Porter


I was 17 when I saw this movie for the first time and it fueled my juvenile fantasies of being a gangster.  It had the same affect on many of my friends as well but it was merely a phase for some.  This is a great movie despite any bad influence it may have had on me and my peers as youths.  Its name belongs right up there with the other great films in its genre like Goodfellas, Casino, and The Godfather.  While those movies all center around the Italian Mafia they do have one big things in common with Blow, which has no Italian Mafia elements.  It’s that white powder that they are all involved with in the end.  This movie is not as iconic and fantastic as Scarface but it is an interesting story about a real life criminal and the movie was well made.

I have said before that this was the last good movie Johnny Depp made, and while I don’t believe that any longer it is still a great movie for him.  He is cool and his ageless quality came in handy when he played this part of a man who ages over twenty years during the film. Paul Reubens revived his career with this movie but was unable to turn that success into anything meaningful.  I will never forget the cover of Entertainment Weekly that had his picture on it.  He had powder all over his nose and the front of his face and the tagline said “Pee-Wee does Blow!” Penelope Cruz is unbelievably smoking hot and the obvious choice for the Colombian wife of George Jung.  Ray Liotta has a natural place in movies like this and is well cast as Geroge Jung’s father.  I am not overly familiar with the work of Ted Demme but I understand this movie had a bad influence on him as well.  A much worse influence I should say as he died about a year after this movie was released from a massive heart attack brought on by using too much cocaine.

This movie might make you want to relive some of the good old days if you aren’t careful but it is still a fantastic movie.  I do not know how historically accurate the movie it, I have studied Pablo Escobar at some length but still know very little of George Jung outside of what I have seen in this film.  Crime movies are always very exciting and offer alot of like.  This movie is more than worth your time.


I thoroughly enjoy this film. I heard someone tell me last week that they had never watched this film because they were not a big Johnny Depp fan. I think that is a completely stupid reason to have never watched this film. It is art in movie format and depicts the story of a man on a mission. His mission may be drugs, but it is his mission as he sees it and we follow him through his trials and tribulations. The story itself is based on quite a real story and to have such a monotonous life, his life is quite thrilling and amazing to someone like me. With movies like this I feel like we can live out some of our fantasies through the characters on the screen.

All of the actors in this film play their role to the “T” and it shows. The story is believable, and you can ride along in the crime and drug filled events that take place. This is a great movie and is completely worth the time to watch it.

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