Secondhand Lions

Secondhand Lions

Year: 2003
Directed By: Tim McCanlies
Written By: Tim McCanlies


Occasionally as I make this journey through our DVD collection I look at what comes next and have to comb my memory for an explanation. When I reached this movie I had to dig deep into my psyche for an answer. Sometimes I come to a film and it’s one I haven’t seen in more than a decade and it can be really difficult to remember. This is a movie that really seems to not belong so it took me a minute to figure out how it ended up in our collection.

It was until half way through this heartfelt and cute movie that it dawned on me how it ended up here. This was a movie my Grandmother talked me into watching years ago and I found it surprising if not silly. I think I bought it one day for a cheap price with her in mind and the memory it brought about her.  I think she really liked seeing an older Robert Duvall in a tough guy role despite his advanced age.

This isn’t a bad movie by any means it just isn’t my forte. It’s cool to see Haley Joel Osment grasping hold of that last little bit of youth he had. He was a terrific child actor and it was a shame for him to grow into an awkward adult nobody wants to watch. In this movie he still had some of that boyish look that people fell in love with in The Sixth Sense. He actually went through puberty during the filming of this movie and it is noticeable if you listen to him closely.

This is a nice heartfelt movie that you can watch with your kids. There is something to be said about that. Otherwise I don’t think it really measures up to the caliber of film I generally add into our collection. My Grandmother may have loved this movie but for anybody else out there I would consider before investing my time in watching it.

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