Shane Vendrell

Venus Van DAMN!

In the last post I wrote about SOA I went over the characters from The Shield who had played parts in this show.  I specifically mentioned Walton Goggins role on the show as Venus Van Damne.  I thought it was hilarious and awesome the first time he made the appearance and was shocked to see him reprise the role on this week’s episode.  I was out of town earlier this week and didn’t see the most recent episode until today, so excuse me for coming in late on this topic. 

I read once that the studio didn’t want to cast Walton Goggins in a large role on The Shield.  That the producers of the show had to work in scenes to specifically show Goggins’ talent before he was able to get a larger part.  Obviously it worked because the Shane character became one of the most important on the show.  I have always been a fan of Goggins because of his portrayal as Shane Vendrell.  I sincerely miss The Shield but find solace in the success of other FX shows like SOA or Justified. I am no longer up to date on Justified but watched diligently for the first three seasons.  Goggins is incredible on that show and I don’t think there is another actor out there that could play the part.  Goggins was great as Shane, but he was born to play Boyd Crowder. 

When he appeared for a second time on SOA as Nero’s cross dressing girl Venus Van Damne I thought it was hilarious.  What floored me was the direction the scene took and the talent it took for Goggins to effectively play the part to get the right emotional response from it. I think it is a testament to the ability I have already seen from Walton Goggins but others may still not know about it.  Many people probably don’t know him as anybody else but the guy that got his crotch blown off in Django UnchainedI think it’s obvious that he has much more to offer as an actor than simply the role he is typecast into.  I have generally only seen him play the part of the country guy whether it is The Shield, Justified, Django, Predators, or his small part in House of 1,000 Corpses. He is great in that type of part but it is never cool to see a good actor get typecast. All I want to say in the aftermath of his second performance on Sons is DAMN Walton Goggins can act.  It really makes me happy to see an actor I like doing well and I am happy to see Goggins in this funny and oddly interesting part on SOA.