Sheri Moon Zombie

House of 1,000 Corpses

Year: 2003
Directed By: Rob Zombie
Written By: Rob Zombie


When this movie came out I remember hearing really bad things about it and never giving it a chance. I can’t remember who I heard those things from or why I listened to them but if I knew I would find them today to tell them they are crazy.  When I saw this movie for the first time years later it instantly became one of my favorite horror movies of all time. It has an awesome cast made up of people I had never heard of, it has one of the coolest intros I have ever seen in anything, and it was made by a man who has a thing for horror movies. The story may be a typical one on the surface, as far as movies in this genre go.  It scares me though; it gives me the thrills I look for in a horror movie and at the end of the day that is all that matters.  As Halloween is approaching there isn’t a movie I would have rather reached in this collection.  I love this time of year, and this is one of my favorite movies to watch when the holiday approaches.

I had never heard of Sid Haig before seeing this movie but I have never forgotten him afterwards. As Captain Spaulding he makes an awesome and memorable character.  I think the opening scene in which he stands tall and belligerent against his would be robbers is one of the coolest I have ever seen. When it comes to clowns there is fine line between being funny and creepy.  As a clown Captain Spaulding is right up there with Pennywise when it comes to clowns from horror stories.  Spaulding himself doesn’t really bring the element of horror to this film but he brings plenty to the film in small doses.  If the horror element was brought by any one person it was from Bill Moseley.  That man has a voice that strikes fear into my soul and his appearance in the movie is enough to make anyone turn and walk the other way.  The whiteness of his skin, the unkempt nature of his hair, and the blood spattered on his clothes make him look scary enough.  It’s when he starts talking that really brings the fear full circle.  Not only does he have a menacing voice but his character in the movie is so utterly insane and in control.  When he starts talking you might have no idea what is coming next but you know that it will be bad.

I think Sheri Moon is incredibly sexy, but like the guy playing her brother she scares the shit out of me in this one.  It’s that laugh she has, it’s disturbing. She looks so seductive and sweet until something sets her off and then before you know it you see the psychotic side of her.  In the sequel to this movie we find out that her father is actually Captain Spaulding but I thought that was a bit of a stretch.  I would have preferred a more creative connection between the clown and the crazy family.  Karen Black played the part of the crazy family’s mother and I thought she was great.  Her character was obviously once a prostitute and her wide variety of children reflect that.  She was replaced for the sequel and I have never known why but I didn’t like the change. In the role of Tiny some might recognize Matthew McGrory who played the giant in Big FishMcGrory is also known for a role he played in Deliverance as a child, he was the kid playing the banjo in one of the movies most memorable scenes.  In smaller roles you can see notable TV stars of today like Walton Goggins and Rainn Wilson.

This was the first movie made by long time rocker Rob Zombie and I think he did an incredible job.  I remember seeing his house on the MTV show Cribs years and years ago when I still watched MTV and distinctly remember him having an entire closet top to bottom full of horror movies.  Clearly the man has put his work in understanding the genre.  Everything he did from set design to camera angles to the dialogue he wrote was on the spot as far as I am concerned.  I haven’t really been a fan of most of what he has done since this movie.  I did not like his remakes of the Halloween movies.  Yet I like this movie so much that I will always give anything he makes a chance.  He has a lot of potential as a filmmaker.  The story he wrote was pretty basic as far as horror films go but he did many things that make this film stand apart from others with similar themes.

This is a movie I strongly suggest as we enter into the spooky time of the year.  Movies are a great medium to get us into the spirit and movies such as this one are always popular this time of the year.  This is probably one of my favorite horror films but the original Dawn of the Dead is a very close second. For most people anything featuring zombies, vampires, or ghosts will serve their purposes during this season but if you want something that packs more of a punch check this one out. It’s not one I often recommend because it is such a rough movie but this time of the year it is just right.  This movie is more than worth your time during Halloween season and may you have a fun and frightening holiday.


This movie is beyond creepy. It’s not even in the horror genre; it’s a genre all in its own. Family is crazy as shit genre. I really like watching this movie and that worries me sometimes because this film is completely crazy and demented.

This is such an interesting poster. I like the typography; you have a gross looking head looking at you. It’s pretty cut and dry, but I like it and I think it’s a great poster.

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The Devil’s Rejects

Year: 2006
Directed By: Rob Zombie
Written By: Rob Zombie


This blog, among other things, gives us a reason to watch the movies we own. Since we have started it we have watched every movie that we have reviewed before writing our reviews.  Until this film that is. We have not watched this film and won’t be doing so at all for this review.  Amber and I just had our second child this past week, and I cannot bring myself to watch this kind of film after such a joyful and positive event.  This movie is vile, it’s evil, and it isn’t something I think anybody would be in the mood for after bringing a new child into this world.

I own this movie because I really enjoyed its predecessor, but in truth I have never really liked much about this one. I think House of 1,000 Corpses was an awesome movie, a great horror film when all horror films seemed to be remakes.  This one is a bit different though; I have always thought it felt more like an evil and sadistic action film than an actual horror film.  This movie isn’t scary like the first one is, it’s just really disturbing.  It’s a movie about bad people doing bad things.  There are no heroes in this film; even the good guy is bad and only interested in doing bad things to the bad guys.  I do admire a lot of the cast for this film though.  I was a big fan of Sid Haig‘s performance as Captain Spaulding in the first film, and I remember him being OK in this one as well.  I think Sheri Moon Zombie is really hot but she is so twisted and sick in these films, but I liked her better in the first film.  Bill Moseley scares the ever loving hell out of me in both movies, that man could scare the devil himself I think; he has a voice that instantly offsets your nerves. This movie also sports a couple actors I really like in small roles. Notably Ken Foree from the original Dawn of the Dead and Danny Trejo from nearly everything.  I do like Rob Zombie as a filmmaker too, but only because of his first film.  I haven’t really been thrilled with what he did with the Halloween remakes, and I had high hopes.  This film is a good example of how Zombie tends to overuse gore and violence a bit.  Which can work in some situations but he takes it a bit too far in most of his films.

I’m not going to tell you not to watch this film or that this film isn’t worth your time because I haven’t seen it in some time.  I might find that I did like something about it if I had taken the time to watch it.  The birth of my second child has just filled me with so many positive emotions that I couldn’t see watching this movie being a good idea. Ironically enough the next movie we will be watching and reviewing will be The Devil’s Advocate and I don’t have a problem with that one.  This movie specifically is just too much for me right now, it has more violence and gore than I can stomach at the moment. Not only that but this movie is far too evil to watch with such an innocent and precious baby in the house.

Also, just a note, this is being published out of order simply because we haven’t had the time to sit and watch The Devil’s Advocate yet.  I just churned this review out to get it out of the way and we will go back to the appropriate order afterwards.

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