Sons of Anarchy season 6

Clay Morrow that Sneaky Snook

You’ll have to excuse the title of this post.  I got up early this morning to watch last night’s episode before my kids got up and it was followed by Jake and the Neverland Pirates once they were awake.  The phrase just popped in my head and stuck.  How about it though right? Clay hasn’t been the greatest characters over the years but I am a big fan of Ron Pearlman and what he brings to the show.  I am really glad we have reason to think he has escaped death again.  I didn’t figure it out when the prisoners handed him a shiv instead of killing him so I was shocked when he suddenly stabbed the leader of the white prisoners to death in the brawl. I think it’s awesome because Clay has found a way to survive without becoming a rat in order to do so.  The development of him siding with Pope’s people was a great idea and I like where it is going.

It’s a shame Tig is dead but the writing was on the wall.  It was going to happen sooner or later and if it means we lose Kim Coates but keep Ron Pearlman I’m ok with it.  I liked Kim Coates and what he brought to the show but he isn’t a really good actor.  I have a brother who only watched the show once and it was the episode when Tig’s daughter was killed.  He is always quick to point out how bad the acting was in the scene when she is burned alive and how it reflects on the show.  It frustrates me every time because I don’t have a leg to stand on and can’t offer a good counter argument to the point.  Tig has always been cool on the show but when the call for real acting came Kim Coates didn’t bring it.

I do have one question about the previews for next week.  Did I see the Darby from the earlier seasons of the show? He was the character who was leader of the Nords and sided with the Nazis in season 2.  If I remember correctly he was betrayed by the Nazis and left for dead in a burning building at some point during that season.  Did anybody else see him and am I remembering it correctly?

I would also like to add how cool it is to see CCH Pounder on the show playing the DA.  I was a huge fan of The Shield and like that Kurt Sutter brings so many of the actors from that show into this one.  So far we have seen nearly every one of the main characters from The Shield short of the big dog Michael Chiklis.  My wife and I have had a running joke about CCH Pounder since her days on The Shield so it’s cool to see her in something and have a reason to dust it off for fresh use.  The joke is just about her name.  I’m sure that she goes by C-C-H Pounder but we have always jokingly referred to her as “Ka-CH” Pounder.  It’s stupid but it’s always given us a small laugh.  Nevertheless she is a great actress and I look forward to what she will bring to this show.

I’m going to list characters from The Shield I remember popping up on SOA.  I’m going specifically from memory so if I am forgetting anyone then leave me a comment about who they are and I’ll update the list. I don’t have the time to look up all the names and characters they played so this list will look crude.

Lem-played a Samcro member that rivaled Tig
Ronnie-played an assistant to the RICO prosecutor
Shane-Walt Goggins appeared as one of Nero’s cross dressing girls last year in a classic scene using the hilarious name Venus Van Damme. A direct reference to his alias on The Shield, Cletus Van Damme.
Wagenbach-played the ATF agent that stalked Tara in season 1
Wyms-now playing the Charming DA
Aceveda-played Danny Trejo’s number 2
Margos-The character was played by Kurt Sutter, the creator of SOA, who of course plays Otto on the show
rape suspect-Mayor Hale once played a perp who got interrogated and arrested by Wagonbach for statutory rape
Juan Lozano (that guy who did that thing to Aceveda)-played one of Nero’s old associates last season

Thanks to a comment from a reader there is a new name to add to the list:
The leader of the Mayans, Alvarez played Navaro Quintero who was the older brother of season 2 baddie Armadillo.

There is also the 1-9ers to consider.  I have noticed no direct cross over characters but the gang itself was one made up for The Shield and was a regular gang to contend with throughout the series.

There are several other smaller characters from both shows that have crossed over and I can’t remember specifically.  I know the local business man Clay had under his thumb in earlier seasons made an appearance on The Shield once as a guy working with Vic’s old partner played by Carl Weathers.  There are several more I know so if you remember anyone I am forgetting then leave a comment and let me know.  Missing in action for sure are Vic, Danni, and Julien from The Shield.  With the rate of appearances it is only a matter of time.  It may be wishful thinking but I would really like to see Michael Chiklis as the biggest meanest bad guy the show has ever seen in the final season or something.

UPDATE: Obviously I was mistaken about Tig and just wanted to note that.  I misinterpreted the scenes from next week when it showed the Sons jacket burning.  That was for the big guy killed by the Irish and I thought it was Tig’s jacket.  I’m glad Tig hasn’t been killed because I like his character, despite Kim Coates acting ability when scenes focus on him.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Premier

I’ve been looking forward to this show’s return since the end of an incredible season last year.  So much so that I got up at 4:30 this morning to watch it before coming into work.  I saw plenty that I liked but at the same time don’t know how I feel about others.  I think this show is one of the best out there right now because it has steadily gotten better with each season.  I hope that is a trend that continues this year.

What I saw in the first episode was a lot of what has made the show so great over the last few seasons.  Great set ups in an ongoing and congruent story that offers plenty of shockers all throughout.  I think the continuing investigation into the club by a new threat offers plenty of possibilities.  The retired U.S. Marshal played by Donal Logue is a really nasty character and I’m nervous every time he is one on one with Tara because he obviously isn’t opposed to rape.  I really hope that never happens but with such a scary character there is no telling what will happen.  The guy is really pissed off, has a lot of reach, and seems capable of anything.  He has his weaknesses with drugs though and we will eventually see that come into play somehow. Also, on a side note, kudos to FX for finally finding a niche for Donal Logue. I am a fan and was a little disappointed that his last run with the studio didn’t make it.

I really don’t like the image of the club in this first episode.  Jax only has three other guys with him and they seem to be operating as babysitters in a few scenes.  Something about these guys watching Jax’s kids just doesn’t sit right with me and I hope it doesn’t become a regular thing.  Jax is clearly still in a bind over Tig because Pope’s successor also wants his head. I think this is the only reason Juice will be allowed back into the club because Jax really needs that fourth guy to stay eligible. The scene when Tig kills the Iranian shows us that he’s definitely not alright and his behavior might eventually become a liability for Jax.  I like Chibs but don’t like that he is second in command now.  I hope Bobby comes back because more often than not I find myself wondering what the hell Chibs just said.  Bobby is a badass and I hate that he is on the outs with Jax. It looks to me like he is trying to set up his own MC in an open location but I think this eventual drama will end with Jax and Bobby having to unite their two clubs over some mutual threat, possibly this retired U.S. Marshal. Clay still has plenty of juice as a character and I am interested in where this is going.  I like that he intended to keep his mouth shut but really liked the scene when he changed his mind, can’t really blame the guy can you? It was a scary window through that door.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Marshal had specifically arranged for the men standing outside the door to be there to scare Clay.  That many black prisoners meant certain death was waiting once he walked through that door and Clay obviously isn’t ready for it. Tara, as always, is all in on being a badass but her actions won’t bode well for her efforts to make bond.  We might be in for a lot of prison Tara this season and I am really interested in how she will get out of this problem.  I imagine the Marshal’s drug problem will ultimately be used to discredit him and destroy his case.

My biggest problem with the show last night was the school shooting.  It was a rough thing to see and a rough topic to cover given the rate at which these things happen.  To start this kind of story line so soon after the Sandy Hooks shooting (within a year is too soon) just seemed wrong.  I can see where this is going and I understand the story line but still feel it was too much too soon.  The kid pulled a machine gun out of his book bag before walking into what is obviously a private school where plenty of the victims will have powerful parents.  When the public outcry gets really nasty the question of where the weapon came from will be topic number one and will put a lot of heat on the local criminal organization known to run guns. That’s my bet on where it’s going, but I don’t like it.  It’s just a topic that hits too close to home for too many people and I imagine there will be plenty of uproar over it.

Nevertheless I think the show was great overall and look forward to where everything is going in season 6. I didn’t get to see the preview for the upcoming season after the episode this morning because I was pressed for time. Right now the not knowing what to expect makes it all the more exciting.  If you’ve made it this far you must be a big fan of the show so don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your own thoughts on last night’s episode. I haven’t seen the news today but expect last night’s episode will be in it.  I’d be specifically interested to know how other fans feel about the school shooting story line and where it is going.