The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions

Year: 2003
Directed By: The Wachowski Brothers
Written By: The Wachowski Brothers


I will never forget watching this movie in the theater when it first came out.  As I mentioned in our last review I was stubbornly refusing to read the writing on the wall and I believed completely that this movie would fulfill all my wildest expectations.  I specifically remember when Amber and I were sitting in the theater on opening night and it was packed out.  We were in college in a college town watching the film in an auditorium full of college students.  Ten minutes into the film some guy stood up and walked down the aisle toward the emergency exit.  He turned before leaving and loudly said “it’s only been ten minutes and this movie already blows!” before promptly walking out a door he could not come back through.  I remember looking at Amber and whispering “hater.” Two hours later I found myself wishing I could find that guy and thanking him for at least trying to warn us.  We should have followed that guy.  I can honestly say that it would have been better not knowing how this story ended than actually suffering through it and carrying that disappointment home with me.

When we watched this movie for this review I actually think it was the first time I had ever watched it again. The disappointment the first viewing left me with was a scar that didn’t heal.  It’s taken eleven years but after finally watching this movie again I can see how the Wachowskis thought they were doing the right thing.  In all truth the battle with the machines is kind of cool it’s just all so wrong.  So unforgivably wrong.  It doesn’t matter if the battle was cool or not because this wasn’t what we wanted.  This conclusion sucked, and it was so unbearably long.  I will never forget when we were in the theater Amber turning to me during Trinity’s death scene and saying “why won’t she die already?” Everybody in this movie had to take forever to tell what they were feeling or what they “believed.” As if their belief mattered in the situation at hand.  This is such a stupid movie and the only thing I can think of that was more disappointing was X-Men The Last Stand.

While The Matrix Reloaded was also very disappointing it at least had scenes that made the whole thing worth wild.  There is none of that in this one.  The battle with the machines just doesn’t hit the spot and the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith was the weakest of the three. The Wachowskis blew it, and while Cloud Atlas has finally got me to give them attention again they have spent over ten years shrouded in the failure of this film. I wouldn’t waste my time watching it if I were you.  It would be both a waste and a disappointment.  If you find yourself journeying through this trilogy for the first time then stop before watching this.  It is literally better to not know.


I think Ryan summed it up for him and me both.

the-matrix-revolutions-4 I thought at the time that this poster was very well done. I think I still hold true to that. I think it does the job of getting people interested. The Matrix itself was just such a hit and interesting concept that people got really into this franchise. I think this poster helped fuel how many people went to the theater and saw this movie. “Why are there so many of them?” As I said in the previous post, this movie was built around all green. I think it was one of the first times I remember seeing everything turned green, the production house logos and everything. The binary code was in green and pretty much structured how everything else in this movie looks like. The typography stayed the same. Too bad the movie sucked, the poster really isn’t all that bad. Of course, I don’t have to look at Trinity and Keanu together, so that’s a plus.

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