Under the Dome tv show

What Causes the Dome?

I read a quote recently in which Stephen King talked about the show Under the Dome and how it differed from the book.  More importantly he mentioned that the ending was completely recreated for the show.  This was something I suspected and mentioned on my last post about this show. It was obvious really because what causes the dome in the book is a bit out there.  It doesn’t really matter though, what makes the book so awesome isn’t what caused the dome but what the dome itself caused.  Nevertheless now that I know the ending will be different I don’t have any qualms about telling you what it was in the book that actually caused the dome.

This is a scene that keeps coming to mind when I think of how to explain what causes to dome:

Yep, in the book aliens are what cause the dome.  There is no real reason for it.  They are alien children playing with technology meant for their parents.  They are just being cruel and watching the action going on within the dome.  Like little boys looming over an ant hill burning ants with a magnifying glass.  In the end Julia Shumway pleads for compassion and finds one alien child where there were usually many.  Alone the one alien is convinced that she is real and decides to lift the dome.  I always felt the ending was a little weak but it was good enough to finish up the story. I have no idea what they will do to explain the book in the show but it will be something more down to Earth I suppose.  A government experiment or something maybe, who knows?

I didn’t watch the second episode of the show and don’t intend to watch it again at all. I loved the book and don’t care to see a different version.  I hope anybody watching the show now enjoys it but also encourage you to read the book yourself.  It’s one of the best from Stephen King and it’s worth the time to read it.