Walking Dead spoilers

The Walking Dead Mid Season Return


This year’s Hallmark holiday is a bit cooler because it features the return of the fan favorite Walking Dead series. Back before the official start of the Christmas season (as if weeks of subtle advertisement hadn’t subconsciously programmed us to spend money already) the show left off on a hell of a cliffhanger. With Rick and company goring up in bloody ponchos for a stroll through the zombie filled streets of Alexandria. Before the plan can even get under way the terrified son of Rick’s squeeze starts to draw attention right after stepping off the porch. This has left plenty with what must have been a tormenting wait of two months to see what will happen.

Well get ready, all hell is about to break loose. Not only is the horde walking through their home but they have a much bigger threat coming to pay a visit. I’m an obsessive reader of the comics and I am really excited about what is to come. What I regularly tell people about the show is that the good stuff hasn’t even started yet. The things that start unfolding this season will lead to some of the most exciting things the comic series has ever done. One of the most awesome bad guys of all time is about to be brought to life on screen and with him comes a conflict as exciting as any I have ever read or seen.

For the next couple of months we will hear an awful lot about Negan, but we will not see him until the season finale. I have had several people try to tell me he has already been on the show and we saw him in the mid season finale confronting Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. That is not Negan, and trust me, when you meet the guy you will know it and there will be no doubt about who he is, and hopefully how dangerous he is.

These next eight episodes should all be jammed pack with action and we should see a large number of regular cast members killed off. They are going to have to kill plenty of people because they will be introducing too many new ones to the show. Negan leads a band of baddies called the Saviors, and there regular victims come from a settlement called the Hilltop. There will be new characters in both of these groups and room will have to be made to accommodate them.  It’s hard to say who will and won’t die because of the differences between the show and the comic. For example, Andrea and Sophia are still alive in the comic but dead on the show. Carol has long since been dead in the comic and was never the badass she is on the show. So there is no way to know who or what will actually happen but some things are pretty certain.

There are certain characters you can trust will not die. Rick being the number one example because the story is about Rick. Carl, despite what most likely happens tonight, is also safe. He is Rick’s reason for living and carrying on. Carl is one of my favorite characters in the comic and when I tell people this they always give me a puzzled look. That’s Chandler Riggs fault, and I agree that he totally sucks on the show. He’s a poor adaptation of the badass child of the apocalypse but it’s not all his fault. He ages at a normal stage and is already too old for the part. Tonight he will most likely get shot in the head by that kid that has it out for him. In the comic when he and Rick are walking through the horde a wild bullet catches him in the eye. He survives but is permanently disfigured. Michonne is also safe because she’s too vital to the series. Beyond the three of them it’s a toss up. Maggie should be safe, Eugene should be safe, but after that I’d expect a free for all.

I think the first death will easily be the kid that’s crying in the horde, followed by his mother and possibly her other son. In the comic when the boy starts crying he gets attacked and Rick tells the mother to leave him, but she won’t. Once she is absorbed by the horde she refuses to let go of Carl’s hand and Rick does not hesitate in chopping off her hand and leaving her behind. The following day her handless corpse is walking the streets of Alexandria. Abraham sees her and gets rid of her before anybody can see what obviously happened. There were not two boys in the comic, in the show I imagine it unravels in a similar fashion while the older angry kid takes a shot at Carl during the commotion. I hope they have Rick cold hearted enough on the show to cut the hand off of the woman he’s widowed and bedded but I have doubts about it.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Daryl will be killed sometime in the next 8 episodes but I don’t know when or why. Daryl is an original character on the show but I feel like his presence holds back plenty of fan-favorite characters when they are introduced. He won’t be the end all be all death of the season finale and may survive till next year but I have a suspicion. I would really like to see Morgan swiftly dispatched because he is such a lame character. He was never the sudden bow staff ninja in the comic and I can’t stand the guy on the show. He was just a crazy guy Rick brought back from home and he hung around in the background until he died.

There should be a new character coming but I haven’t heard the first thing about casting for him so I have no clue what to expect. In the comic the first person Rick and company meet from another settlement is Jesus from the hilltop. His real name is Paul Monroe, he’s a homosexual, and he’s the Bruce Lee badass of the apocalypse. Jesus is a nickname given because of how he looks and it stuck. He ultimately becomes Rick’s top dog and right hand man in the coming conflict. His absence would really be unfortunate as he continues to be an intricate character in the series.

I’m probably wrong about most of this stuff but I don’t care. I like the show well enough but I only really watch it so I can join the conversation at work. More often than not I am alone in the world as I literally don’t know a single other reader. I encourage anybody that likes the show and wants more to simply pick up a compendium or a few volumes of the comic. It’ll be a much more exciting experience.

Morgan on the Walking Dead

I was a bit disappointed in last night’s episode but only because I am really waiting to see shit hit the fan at the prison right now.  What we saw last night may have answered a long-standing question for fans of only the show but otherwise it seemed to me to just be a filler episode.  I do think the guy that played Morgan did an incredible job but if he didn’t come back with them I don’t really know what the point of it all was.

One thing that did confuse me a bit is that Rick is from Kentucky while the prison is located in Georgia.  Did Rick and company travel all that distance to get those guns? The show didn’t make any implication toward this but a journey of that distance would have been much more challenging as supplies begin to grow scarce.  I also had one other thought that only fans from the comic can probably relate to.  Is it just me or did Michonne do too much talking last night?  I know that in the show we will have to hear more from her in order to get to know the character but something just seemed off about it.  Maybe it was that her tone was altogether too friendly when she was speaking.  Michonne is an awesome character but part of what makes her so badass is how silent she is throughout the series.  When she is talking she isn’t particularly friendly either.  She is sullen, silent, and deadly, something about all her dialogue last night just didn’t seem right.

The episode last night is something that happened much later in the comics however.  When Rick and company are making their trek toward Washington D.C. Rick, Carl, and Abraham detour for a few days to travel back to Rick’s hometown to raid the police station.  While they are there Rick goes to check in on Morgan who has completely lost his mind.  His son has turned and Morgan keeps him chained up and fed in his home.  Morgan has actually resorted to killing any live people who come around in order to feed them to his dead son who he can just not let go of.  Rick does his best to talk sense into him and persuades him to come back to the group with him.  Morgan is obviously completely and possibly dangerously unstable but Rick will not leave the man who saved his life behind.  In time Morgan manages to level out some but never fully recovers.  Even for a while before he dies sharing a bed and having a difficult relationship with Michonne.

As for the episode as a whole I did enjoy it although it did nothing to progress the story. I think the best part of the episode came at the end when they are returning to the prison and pass the man they ignored on the way in.  Eaten and not much remaining but they do stop and pick up his pack of supplies before taking off.  It’s a dog eat dog world and every man is for himself.  I can’t wait to see what happens as the situation at the prison heats up.  I do not really like how Tyrese and co. are hanging around at Woodbury and hope that eventually we see him get back to Rick’s group and take his place by Rick’s side. Rick and his group are in a dangerous situation and the powerful hammer swinging ex-NFL player is exactly what they need to balance the scales against their evil cycloptic enemy.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of last night’s episode and if you have any predictions for what is to come for the remainder of the season I would really like to hear it.

The Walking Dead Season 3

This season really has been nothing short of incredible and last night’s episode was specifically riveting.  The action has been none stop in this season and I am loving that.  It’s exactly how the show should be and it keeps the viewer preoccupied during the show so the shockers hit even harder at the end.  Last night offered a big shocker at the end and it was some of the best acting I have seen from the cast. It was a very emotional shocker and I was thoroughly impressed with the performances of Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs. Personally I will not miss Lori and her drama but her death was not at all what I expected.  The show is beginning to branch away from the comic even more now and that is necessary to keep fans of the comic interested and surprised.


In the comic Lori and her child are murdered by the Governor during the assault on the prison.  Obviously that is not what will happen now but I will be surprised if the baby survives the season.  The comic mostly centers around Rick whereas the show has centered around the group as a whole.  I think we will begin to see that change now as the group is progressively shrinking.  In the comic Rick and some of his friends are held prisoner by the Governor at Woodbury and during that time he loses a hand.  I think that is definitely coming in the show too as it seems obvious to me that Merle will take Rick’s hand in retribution for his own.  As for everything else your guess is as good as mine.  If the comic is followed we may see nearly all members of the group perish but that is not for sure.  The show has already deviated greatly from the comic and there is just no telling what they have up their sleeves.


According to the comic it is strongly implied that the baby is Shane’s. The show does this as well with Lori falling to pieces over Shane’s death and the distance we see between Rick and Lori in the beginning of this season.  This is probably the most we will get out of it and don’t expect the true father of the baby to ever be officially revealed.  There is no way for the group to actually find out and I doubt they would even try if they could.  The most we might get is someone making a comment that the baby has Shane’s eyes or something like that, but I think that would be a stupid thing to do.  Now that Lori has died and the baby has lived there is no telling what will happen but they baby does die in the comic, and chances are it won’t make it long on the show either.  It’s a dangerous world out there and there isn’t much place for a baby that cries and needs constant care.  It will be fine while they are safely secured in the prison but that won’t last long.