What’s going to happen on breaking bad

How Will Breaking Bad End?

The days are winding down and before we know it the final hour of the show will be upon us.  I have spent many years with this show now and have never been able to guess what would happen next.  The quality of TV series coming out over the last 10 years has been tremendous but there has always been a level of predictability with many of them.  That’s not the case in this show and I think that is what makes this show so great.  I have never been able to guess what was coming next and the show has never failed to blow my mind.  I expect no less from the final episode and would not even begin to presume to know what might happen.

I think that Walt will use the poison he collected at his ramshackled house to end his own life after he accomplishes what he sets out to, but do not know and wouldn’t bet on it. I can’t even begin to assume what he is planning to do either.  Is he going after Jack and his crew? I know that is the most likely possibility but what does he gain by doing so? Yeah he gets revenge on Hank’s killer and he gets his money back but what good is his money if his son doesn’t want it? Is he so angry about Hank’s murder that he is willing to go out in a hail of bullets to avenge him? I don’t know but somehow that doesn’t seem good enough to me.  I just can’t begin to even think about what Walt is planning but I know it will be awesome.  If you feel bold enough to predict his next move then by all means leave a comment and let me know.

I don’t think Walt’s next move is the biggest question though because one way or another I think there is only one end to whatever he is planning to do.  I am more interested in what will happen with Todd.  Todd is such an interesting character and I like how he is positioning himself to take over the meth empire with Lydia. Although I doubt that she is going to be as enthused about his plans as he might be.  I can’t even pretend to be interested in what Jesse does because I have flat out had enough of that guy. I was sick of him last year when he quit and completely over him this year once he started throwing his money away. Yeah it’s blood money and Jesse has a conscience I get it but who the hell is this guy kidding?  He is no saint and while there is clearly a line he won’t cross it’s a thin line if you ask me.  We have seen Jesse at his best and at his worst and I have just never felt he, at his best, somehow exonerated himself from everything he did at his worst. Jesse screwed Walt in the end despite everything Walt has done for him, and I am on Walt’s side. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesse some how makes it out of all of this alive, but who knows.  We have seen the guy lose everything so it just seems fitting that his penance is living with all that he has lost.  Despite his “moral conscience” there is still plenty of blood on Jesse’s hands.

Walt may be the true devil, he may be the end all be all bad guy in this show, but I for one have always liked that about him.  As viewers I think there is part of us that “broke bad” in order to fall in love with this show because the main character is in fact as bad as they can get.  I think that is part of the thrill. We fell in love with Walt as a good guy doing what he had to for his family but we stuck with him when it went way beyond that. Did anybody stop watching when Walt poisoned that kid? When he ordered the death of Gale? When he killed the chicken man and then all of his people locked up in prison? Really, you can go on forever with these examples but what does it say about us that we stayed true? Walt is an evil character, yet we still find ourselves pulling for him. Call it a guilty pleasure, call it an infatuation with what’s bad, call it what you will. I’m not going to fret about it, I’m going to trust in the best show I’ve ever seen and pull for this bad guy till the very end. Somewhere inside all of us we wonder what we would do if we were in Walt’s position and that is part of what makes it so much fun too.  I do not know what will happen next but I have every faith that it will be awesome.  This has consistently been the best show on TV and none of us should have any doubt about what’s coming.