Will Theons sister rescue him

Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale

Warning! Spoilers lay before you! Read at your own risk.

What does Gendry do next?

Gendry has become the combination of two characters here so it is hard to say. He will make his way to safe ground that is for sure.  In the books he is a member of The Brotherhood without Banners and blacksmithing for them.

What will the Hound and Arya do?

The Hound will take Arya to the next potential place for him to land a reward.  The Eerie, where she has an Aunt who might still ransom her. They never make it to the castle though; it is a long and hard road for the Hound and Arya. She will eventually break away on her own and make way across the Narrow Sea in search of Jaqen H’ghar. She will not find him but does enter the House of Black and White and begins training with the Faceless Men, a school for assassins.

The consequences of The Red Wedding.

This one is tough because the consequences are dire yet irrelevant thus far.  It does not sit well with the people of the North that their king was killed in cold blood and humiliated.  However they are powerless to do anything about it and must lie in waiting for an opportunity to avenge their king.  I haven’t written anything about last week’s episode because I was on vacation and it was such a touchy subject.  It hurt my heart as a reader to get to this point in the story and the show did it justice.  I didn’t care for how they wrote off Grey Wind so easily though.  In the book the direwolf was very fierce in the battle that followed, requiring many men to take him down and taking many men to the grave with him.  As for Robb, he was a young and influential leader, a hero to the common people.  His demise will not be taken lightly and he will become a martyr of the North.

Does Yara rescue Theon?

Nope, not even close.  I doubt she will even get to shore before receiving word that he father has fallen to his death.  Without her father’s support she has nothing and there will be quite the power struggle on the Iron Islands.  I’m afraid Theon is in for quite a lot more pain, and that is really saying something considering he has already been dismembered. Yeah Theon has a lot more to lose such as teeth, fingers, toes, and what is left of his dignity. He is at the mercy of an evil bastard that has no mercy; it’s a long and painful road ahead for Theon.

Stannis and the Wall.

Stannis will attempt to redeem himself by going to aid the Black Brothers in their fight against the massive Wildling army.  He will be successful but it does little to help his cause. He will develop a respect and manageable working relationship with Jon Snow. Yet while he may be the only one fighting for the good in the larger conflict looming over the head of everybody.  He is still losing the war that matters to everyone else that matters.  The real threat may be the White Walkers but that means nothing to all the people south of The Wall who know nothing about them. Stannis will be the hero for a moment and then realize he still has little support in his cause. For the record, I think Stannis blows both on the show and in the books, I wish he would be the next victim of George R .R. Martin.

What does Daenerys do next?

A whole lot of nothing, with the exception of banging Daario Nahariss.  I think Daenerys is a total badass and love her all through the first three books but she changes course a bit in the fifth.  She is still awesome but has such a difficult task ahead of her and wanting to do the right thing gets in the way of what we want as readers and viewers.  She will decide that she can’t leave the people she has freed to simply die on their own and she decides to stay put and reign as queen for a while. I didn’t like it when I read it, but there are plenty of things that happen to keep things interesting.  I will only offer you one spoiler to this affect.  Eventually, someone important will be eaten by dragons.   

What new things to expect next season.

Many new characters if you haven’t already come to expect that from the show. I imagine we will meet Mace Tyrell, father of the Knight of Flowers and Margaery.  Nothing really interesting about him but if we are lucky we will meet his bannerman Lord Randall Tarly, Sam’s father.  Although I suspect this will be a character held out till season 5.  We will certainly meet the Dornishmen, people of the seventh kingdom of Dorne.  Most notably the Red Viper, Price of Dorne who favors Tyrion and is quite the badass.  We will see the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery.  Joffrey will be poisoned at the wedding and Tyrion will be blamed.  Although the actual murderer was the Queen of Thorns who was working with Petyr Baelish.  Sansa will be whisked away out of the city for future purposes and Tyrion will be left looking really really guilty.  There will be a lot of Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch as they defend themselves against Mance Rayder’s army.  Jon will win us over next season.

I have written this quickly to get it out to you as soon as possible. Please do me the favor of excusing any typos within this post.  If you want to do me a favor then point them out so I can fix them immediately.  I have proofread this quickly but I am about 8 beers deep this evening and doing the best that can be expected.  As a last ditch effort let me encourage you to read the books, they are much richer than the show and are worth your time.