Clash of the Titans (1981)

Year: 1981
Directed By: Desmond Davis
Written By: Beverley Cross


This movie is a classic, and I think they made grave mistakes when they remade it.  I couldn’t even finish watching the remake it was so bad.  And for what? It was actually a good idea to remake this movie, Clash of the Titans was made way ahead of its time in 1981.  The special effects weren’t really there for what the filmmakers had in mind and they used several different film techniques to compensate for that fact. The way I see it, all they had to do was redo the original but they went way off base and tried to create something new.  The movie should have been awesome but it ended up being a disappointment.  Some people obviously liked it though because there is a sequel in the works right now.

This movie is in our collection not only for being a classic but because it was one I watched frequently as a child.  It came on TV a lot right around the time I was starting to watch more than just cartoons on the tube so it garners a certain nostalgic feeling for me.  Greek mythology was so fascinating to me as a child but it isn’t something I find so interesting these days.  This is an awesome movie but I don’t feel compelled to write too much more about it.  I think it is worth your time to see it because we shouldn’t forget the classics or the originals.  This one may be campy and silly at times, and Harry Hamlin was never leading man material but it’s a good movie despite that.


This is a very classic movie. When you see the special effects in it, you want to kind of laugh and think what were they thinking, but I bet it was really state of the art during the time. We watched this film in high school at some point when we were going over Greek mythology. It is somewhat interesting, but I wouldn’t watch this one over and over. I honestly didn’t even know that we owned it until Ryan said that it was coming up next.

I don’t know whether to suggest that you watch it or not. If you are interested in these kinds of topics and films, then yes of course go for it, but if not, I doubt this movie will keep your interest.

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